Specialty Trainee Committee

Specialty Training Committee meetings take place every 3-6 months and are usually chaired by a Training Programme Director in the relevant region. The meetings are an opportunity for College Tutors and trainee representatives to meet with members of the deanery to discuss aspects of the programme such as rotations and ARCPs. Updates for specific training issues such as out of programme opportunities, SPRAT and STEPP are also provided. Trainee representatives from each training level are elected to represent trainee views and to discuss any trainee issues. 


Paediatric Trainee Representatives

Trainee representation is a key element in the development and monitoring of the Paediatric Training Programme, and representatives play a valuable role in providing feedback and helping shape new initiatives.

In order to build continuity, the Paediatric School Trainee Representative will hold the role for the ST Levels they have applied to complete (i.e, ST1 - ST3).  They may of course, choose to step down from their role at any point if they wish.  If a trainee does give up their role, the Paediatric School will follow the application process to appoint a new trainee to the role. 

Please note that the posts are unpaid, honorary roles.  HEE YH is however, able to reimburse travel expenses for those Paediatric School Trainee Representatives who are required to travel to local and national meetings.  Details on how to claim reimbursement will be sent on appointment.

If you wish to contact your local Trainee Rep you will find their details on the Paediatric Training SharePoint Site 


Current Training Representative Opportunities:


Out to advert:

Level 1 South 

Leve 2/3 West

To apply: Please submit a short statement with the reasons why you would like to be the Trainee Representative. Please ensure you include which of the roles you are applying for. 

The deadline for applications is 30th November 2022. 

There are two new exciting Trainee Representative Roles within the School. 

Progress+ Representative 

To apply: Please submit a short statement with the reasons why you would like to be the involved in the school's implementation of Progress+. 

The deadline for applications is 30th November 2022. 

Curriculum Delivery Course Working Group Representative

We are really pleased that several trainees have come forward already to help with the development and implementation of the new curriculum delivery course for speciality trainees and our working groups are just starting to meet and plan the new course. 

We are now looking for a trainee representative for the main working group who represents trainee interests in this group and drives the development of new ways of teaching generic skills. We are looking for somebody with enthusiasm for innovative methods of learning and ideally with some prior experience in this field as well as in remote learning.  Please submit a short 2 minute video that explains why you feel you would be suited for this role.  This can be done via a' you tube' link. The deadline for submission is the 30th of November 2022.


If you would like more information about this opportunity, please contact Nicola Mullins or Karin Schwarz. 

The deadline for applications is 30th November 2022.  Send your application to paediatricsupport.yh@hee.nhs.uk