Higher Specialist Trainees (HST/ST4-6)

Welcome to Higher Specialist Training in Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber. The 3 year training programme will allow you to gain a great breadth of experience in emergency care. You will also be supported in achieving the necessary skills to pass the FRCEM. There is a wealth of expertise to support your pursuit of excellence in your chosen specialty. To really shine you will need to be organised, determined and resilient. We hope you enjoy your training!

Maya Naravi / Alison Smith 

Heads of School

Starting out

You will be assigned an Educational Supervisor for the duration of training. You will be expected to develop competencies as outlined in the 2015 EM curriculum. To do this you will need to be registered for the college ePortfolio. You need to meet your Educational Supervisor at the outset and at 3 monthly intervals thereafter. Please highlight early if you are having any difficulties making progress as required.

Transitioning from Core training to higher speciality training

When beginning higher levels of specialist training the focus of your development as a clinician will shift towards managing departments and over seeing junior staff in preparation for your CCT and life as a consultant.

Yorkshire and humber has a great network of hospitals and at CT/ST3 level this transition process has already begun - worked in through rota structures and support from supervisors. Many of the trusts will have you managing the department in some capacity - either overnight with consultant support on site, or pairing you up with a more senior HST trainee as part of out of hours cover in some of the larger departments.

Once you have progressed to HST the management of the department, flow of patients and support of junior colleagues becomes much more integral to your daily role and responsibilities. Support from your supervisors and other senior colleagues allows you to develop this aspect of training and it can seem a bit daunting at first.

Starting to think about sign off early becomes important as many trainees will agree. Although CCT seems a distant thought the exam structure is such that aspects of the FRCEM can now be taken early during training. Many trainees choose to sit the critical appraisal exam early in HST and it is also important to consider which aspects of the management portfolio you might complete for ARCP each year. In addition to these, the Quality improvement project (QIP) is a big undertaking and organising things early to plan ahead is important as trainees often find that rotating out of the trust before the project is completed makes things much more difficult moving forward.


Early US scanning after completing level 1 sign off in ST3 is important both for maintaining skills but also to start a log book working towards evidencing competencies.

Teaching Programme 2018-19

HST Teaching Dates

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