Workforce, training and education
Yorkshire and Humber

School Management

The School of Emergency Medicine is responsible for the delivery of ACCS and Emergency Medicine training in West, South and East Yorkshire. Additionally, this school is responsible for all ACCS trainees including ACCS Emergency Medicine (EM), ACCS Anaesthesia (AN) and ACCS Acute Medicine (AM).

The Local Postgraduate Dean, (Dr Jon Cooper) has overall responsibility for post graduate training with the Deputy Dean (Dr Willy Pillay) having particular responsibility for Emergency Medicine.

The Head of School is Dr Jeremy Till who has strategic responsibility.

The day to day running of the school  is done by the Training Programme Directors (TPDs). The TPDs manage the rotations in each region, allocate trainees to hospitals, organise and conduct ARCPs, plan trainee numbers and liaise closely with the College Tutors to ensure that appropriate training and delivery of the curriculum is carried out. NHS - Yorkshire and the Humber (HEE YH) organises regular quality assurance visits as required by the GMC to ensure training standards are maintained in each hospital.

The School Board is made up of the TPDs, representatives from NHS YH, as well as personnel and core and HST trainee representatives from the rotation. Additionally the education leads for core and higher specialty training programmes, the simulation leads and pre-hospital care leads are on the school board.
Each rotation (East, South, West) has a speciality training committee, which is made up of the TPDs, the college tutors and trainees from the rotation.

The School also co-ordinates the annual review process (ARCPs) for doctors and hospitals on the rotation. The Royal College of Emergency Medicine has a very clear assessment strategy, to which the School adheres. The GMC also has a very clear set of quality standards which both the School and the hospitals follow.