Since April 2006 dentists, who are not already on the National Performers List, have had to apply for a Performer Number from the Local Area Team of NHS England (NHSE). This includes dentists working as locums who are not already on the National Performers List.

Those dentists who do not have a Dental Foundation Training (Vocational Training) Certificate, or who have not completed an appropriate period of Foundation Training as defined in the Regulations, must be assessed by the Area Team in consultation with the LETB to decide whether the dentist can be admitted to the list based on having previous experience and training including NHS primary dental care.

Deaneries ceased to exist in 2013 and are now part of Health Education England's Local Education and Training Boards. PCTs also ceased to exist and in their place, NHS England (formally the NHS Commissioning Board) now manages a National Performers List.

To join this national performers list you are required to apply via a central NHSE system PCSE (CAPITA) http://pcse.england.nhs.uk/performer-list/ who work closely with local branches of NHS England, known as Area Teams.

The National Performers List website is a useful source of information and contains a postcode search tool, which allows you to easily identify the Area Team that covers the region in which you wish to work. The search results also provide contact details.


Who may need to be admitted by PLVE
  • Dentists who do not have a Foundation Training (Vocational Training) Certificate
  • Dentists who have not completed, or who are not undertaking, Dental Foundation Training
  • Dentists who do not qualify for exemption under para 31 (5) of the Performer List Regulations.

These Regulations state that:

A dentist will be exempt from requirement to undertake Foundation Training under para 31 (5) of the Performers List Regulations if:

a) He/she is a national of a member state of the European Economic Area other than the United Kingdom with a diploma recognised by the General Dental Council; or

b) He/she has practised in primary dental care for a period of at least two years in aggregate in either:

  • The community dental service or
  • The armed forces or
  • The personal dental services (PDS) prior to 1 April 2006,

and part or all of that period must fall within the period of four years of the date of the dentist's application to the AT Performers List.

Application Process for PLVE Dentists

1. All dentists wishing to apply for Performers List Validation by Experience (PLVE) should look at the National Performers List application form, available for download via


The dentist applies to the Area Team or its agent for entry onto the relevant Area Team Performers List. 

2. NHS England AT or its agent processes the application and informs HEEYH if the applicant is suitable for PLVE. 

3. HEE send an application form, mentor application form and a list of charges. The application form and mentor application form must be returned as Microsoft Word documents. On receipt of these documents, HEEYH  convenes an assessment panel of three or if required, four members who consider the application.

4. The Dean for Postgraduate Dental Education HEEYH makes an educational recommendation and this will be sent to the AT

5. AT or its agent notifies dentist of decision 

6. If a PLVE programme is required, the applicant will be notified and the proposed PLVE practice and the mentor will be required to submit a completed PLVE Mentor Application Form.

7. A mentor interview and practice visit may be required.

8. When the proposed PLVE practice has been approved, HEEYH will notify the AT or its agent so that the applicant can enter the Performers List as a ‘Performer-in-Training’ and the PLVE programme can commence.

9. Please note that HEEYH does not have funding to support this PLVE programme and the applicant or practice will be required to provide payment at the nationally agreed rate for PLVE.

10. If the proposed PLVE practice and/or the PLVE Mentor are not approved as suitable for supervised training, HEEYH will notify the AT or its agent so that alternative arrangements can be sought. The applicant will normally have to find another potential PLVE practice and/or Mentor. Charges will not be refunded.


  • Applications may be received throughout the year.
  • All application documents need to be submitted in electronic format - paper copies will not be accepted.
  • Should you have not worked as a dentist within the last 2 years there will be an additional clinical skills assessment process which must be completed by the mentor and trainee at a local clinical skills centre prior to the start of clinical practice.  There is an additional charge for this.

Charges applicable to PLVE Applicants can be found in the National Charging Structure.  Applicants will be asked to submit an initial fee of £400.00  to cover assessment of their documentaion by the Panel.  Other charges that may be applicable prior to commencement of the training programme are Practice Assessment Visit and Supervised pre-start assessment by Mentor in CSU.

Health Education England asks that Applicants allow up to 4 weeks for review of their documentation by the Assessment Panel before contacting the support team for an update on progress, and in all cases are asked to use dentalsupport.yh@hee.nhs.uk for all communication. 


Competency Portfolio Evidence

During the PLVE year the applicant will be required to produce a portfolio of evidence. This evidence should be submitted in Microsoft Word, wherever possible. 

Further Information

You may also wish to refer to the fact-sheet 'Working and Postgraduate Training as a Dentist in the UK', produced by COPDEND.


Managing Performer Concerns Framework:


Please also note that any documentation submitted to Health Education England YH will not be returned.


For further information please contact George Wright George.Wright@hee.nhs.uk 

Being a Mentor
  1. The Mentor will be required to provide supervision in practice for a minimum of 3 days per week.  The Mentor must be prepared for the time commitment which this role necessitates.
  2. Approval as a Mentor with limited experience will require close supervision, i.e. observing all patients over the first six week period, with associated trainer commitments
  3. If not already approved as a Dental Foundation Trainer, the Mentor should have attended an approved introductory course for mentoring, e.g. “So You Want to be a Trainer” (booked via Maxcourse) within the last 3 years, or equivalent offered by another HEE office.
  4. The chosen practice will need to be compliant with HEE requirements for Dental Foundation Training – please see practice specification document.
  5. The Trainee must have worked in the last 2 years clinically as a dentist.  Where this is not the case, he/she will be asked to attend a half-day session of hands-on assessment along with the Mentor at Leeds Dental Institute.
  6. On completion of the mentoring programme, written evidence must be provided to say that the Trainee is fit for independent practice.
  7. Where a Practice Visit is required, it is imperative to the process that both Applicant and Mentor are available at the visit.

Documents with which you must familiarise yourself before applying for the position as a PLVE Mentor (the requirements are the same as for Dental Foundation Training):