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Key Contacts

Mr AB Harikrishnan
Programme Director

General Surgery

The Training Programme

The general surgery rotation is a 6 year training programme leading to a CCT. Training takes place at all trusts within Yorkshire and the Humber.

The training programme provides broad-based general training for the first two to three years, enabling the intermediate and some advanced competencies to be gained at this stage. Training is usually, but not exclusively, in district general hospitals within Yorkshire and the Humber for ST3-4/5. The final 3 years are usually spent in specialist units providing Level 3 training, allowing final competencies to be gained. Trainees are expected to evaluate and develop a sub-speciality interest during these appointments.  The training committee facilitates appropriate placements to give the trainee access to this sub-speciality training, accepting that placements in some sub-specialities are limited.

All trainees have an Assigned Educational Supervisor (AES) for each placement, and training is delivered by the AES and Clinical Supervisors, Consultants in the institution.  Progress through training is dependent on the satisfactory accretion of competencies, as defined by the ISCP and assessed at the Annual Review of Competency Progression (ARCP).  In addition, there is a bi-annual review of the trainee and the training conducted by the Training Committee.

There are active research programmes in many of the units in Yorkshire and the Humber and all trainees are expected to participate in audit and research during their training.

Management of the Training Programme

The training programme is managed by the programme director and the associate TPDs with the help of HEEYH programme support personnel under the guidance of the Heads of School of Surgery.

The training programme executive committee is comprised of the TPDs and the Heads of School of Surgery and is responsible for the overall organisation of the rotation.

The general surgery specialist training committee (STC) monitors quality of training delivered at the various sites and assessment of individual trainees.  The STC is comprised of the TPDs, HoS, trust representatives, sector tutors and trainee representatives.

Training committee executive membersTPD - Athur Harikrishnan (

ATPD ST 3/4 - Sushil Maslekar (

ATPD ST 5/6 - Antonia Durham-Hall (

ATPD ST 7/8 - Andrew Wyman (

DTPD Education and Skills - Rina George (


The next ARCP will be held in July 2022. 

Teaching Programme and Teaching Resources

A comprehensive teaching programme provides a diverse portfolio of curriculum topics in a variety of formats. Please click on the link above for more information.