Workforce, training and education
Yorkshire and Humber

School Contacts


Head of School

Head of School: Mr Nandan Haldipur

Deputy Heads of School: Mr Mark Steward, Mr Sushil Maslekar & Mr Michael Ho


Training Programme Directors

Core Surgery: Mr Nehemiah Samuel, Mr Adam Barlow, Ms Emma Collins

Cardiothoracic Surgery:

Mr Mahmoud Loubani

Mr Neil Cartwright

General Surgery: Mr Athur Harikrishnan

Neurosurgery: Mr Nick Phillips

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OFMS): Mr Stephen Crank 

Otolaryngology (ENT): Mr Jaydip Ray

Paediatric Surgery: Mr Ross Fisher 

Plastic Surgery: Mr James Haeney

Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgery: Mr Kevin Wembridge

Urology: Mr Fady Youssef

Vascular Surgery: Mr David Russell

Programme Support
Management Committee

The School Management Committee embraces both the LETB and College with trainee and academic representation, but is mainly populated by the Training Programme Directors for the core and higher surgical specialties. Because of its large size it meets relatively infrequently but has key strategic and planning functions.

Position Name
Chair & Head of School Mr Nandan Haldipur
Deputy Head of School Mr Mark Steward, Sushil Maslekar, Michael Ho
TPD: Core Surgery Mr Nehemiah Samuel
TPD: Core Surgery Mr Michael Ho
TPD: Core Surgery Mr Adam Barlow
TPD: Cardiothoracic Surgery Mr Mahmoud Loubani
TPD: Thoracic Neil Cartwright
TPD: General Surgery Mr Athur Harikrishnan
Deputy TPD: General Surgery Skills Miss Rina George
Associate TPD: General Surgery ST3-4  
Associate TPD: General Surgery ST5-6 Miss Antonia Durham-Hall
Associate TPD: General Surgery ST7-8 Mr Andrew Wyman
TPD: Neurosurgery Mr Nick Phillips
Deputy TPD: Neurosurgery Patricia de Lacy
TPD: OMFS Jiten Parmar
TPD: ENT Justin Murphy
Deputy TPD: ENT  
TPD: Paediatric Surgery Mr Ross Fisher
Consortium Lead: Paediatric Surgery Mr Ashok Rajimwale ((HEE East Midlands)
TPD: Plastic Surgery Mr James Haeney
Deputy TPD: Plastic Surgery  
Skills TPD: Plastic Surgery  
TPD: T&O Paul Harwood
Deputy TPD: T&O East & West  
Deputy TPD: T&O South  
Education TPD: T&O  
TPD: Urology Mr Fady Youssef
Deputy TPD: Urology Mamoun Elmamoun
TPD: Vascular Surgery Mr David Russell
Deputy TPD: Vascular Surgery Tim Stansfield
Programme Support Manager Naomi Koziol
Programme Support Co-ordinator Claire Robertson
Programme Support Officer Clarence Tan
Programme Support Administrator Raqiya Ibrahim