Are you a health worker returning to practice or can you do extra shifts?

If so, please email Postgraduate Deans Office or click here.

In this rapidly moving and challenging time, HEE YH have created this specific webpage resource with the aim to help keep our doctors and dentists in training up to date and informed. We also hope this resource will be helpful for our PGMDE faculty and partner NHS trusts and wider stakeholders. 

We will be continually updating this website as further information, documentation and announcements occur. 

This local HEE YH resource should be read in conjunction with HEE’s national dedicated website:



Local HEE YH COVID-19 Key Documents
National COVID-19 Key Documents

Academic (OOPR)

Letter to NIHR Academy Members currently in medical specialty training 27 March

Trainees in Academic Placements

Letter to IAT medical academic trainees and medical trainees central - 18/03/20

COVID-19 Ltr - InterACt 20 March

NIHR Academy update to members 21 May

AHPs & Healthcare Sciences

Covid 19 - resources  - AHP workforce 20/30/20

HCPC policy position – COVID-19 response

Supporting the healthcare science workforce 30 March

COVID temp register now live press release 

AHP student support during Covid-19 outbreak

COVID-19 data collection FAQs to support HEIs

Deploying the HCS Workforce to Support Covid-19 12 May

AHP Four Nations Statement on Rehabilitation

Appraisal, revalidation and indemnity

Covid-19 and professional standards activities (including appraisal and revalidation)

COPMeD guidance on trainee revalidation during COVID-19

NHS Indemnity Arrangements

Clinical negligence indemnity in response to coronavirus

FAQs Full Scope of Work COVID Update - 24th April 

Guidance on completion of TOOT on Form R

COVID-19 ARCP Appeal Process

Apprenticeship Hub COVID-19 Bulletins

Apprenticeship Hub Covid-19 Bulletin 18th March

Apprenticeship Hub Covid-19 Bulletin 19th March

Apprenticeship Hub Covid-19 Bulletin 24th March

Apprenticeship Hub Covid-19 Bulletin 26th March

Apprenticeship Hub Covid-19 Bulletin 31st March

Apprenticeship Hub Covid-19 Bulletin 1st April

Apprenticehip Hub Covid 19 Bulletin 6th April

Apprenticeship Hub Covid-19 Bulletin 15th April

Apprenticeship Hub Covid-19 Bulletin 21st April

Apprenticeship Hub Covid-19 Bulletin 27th April 

Apprenticeship Hub Covid-19 Bulletin 7th May

Apprenticeship Hub Covid 19 Bulletin 14th May

Apprenticeship Hub Covid 19 Bulletin 28th May

Apprenticeship Hub Covid-19 Bulletin 4th June

Assessment and Exams

Temporary Suspension of PYA process during COVID-19

Exams for Doctors in Training - COVID 19

Contingency Policy for ARCPs Four Nation Letter

JCST Statement COVID-19 and Trainee Progression in 2020 1 April

MRCPsych regulation change 2 April

Foundation ARCP Guidance COVID 19

Derogation to GG8: in response to COVID pandemic and impact on trainee progression assessments

ARCP Decision Aid

Coding for ARCPs

COVID-19 ARCP Appeal Process

RCPSYCH Covid-19 ARCP Decision Aid

Guidance and Principles for managing extensions to training during COVID-19

Gold Guide Edition Eight

Care Homes

Care Home Support 5 May

Support to Care Homes 5 May

Care home deterioration slides 

ED/AMU Assessment Tool

Primary Care and Community Health Support to Care Home Residents 6th May

Primary Care and Community Health Support to Care Home Residents 13th May

Consultants & Trainers

Fast-tracking of processes for granting interim practising privileges to NHS consultants 27 March

Guidance for Acting up as a Consultant (AUC) during Covid-19

Correspondence from other National Bodies

NHS England/Improvement Update 17th March

A message from Dame Clare Marx, Chair of the GMC

Reducing burden and releasing capacity at NHS providers and commissioners 28 March

Tax avoidance promoters targeting returning NHS workers - GOV.UK

COVID-19: guidance for employers, employees and businesses

Deploying our people safely

Infection preventation and control Board Assurance Framework 4 May 

Second Phase of NHS Response to COVID-19

Eligibility Criteria for the Intercollegiate Specialty Examinations 1 May

Our Plan to Rebuild - UK Government Recovery Strategy

Patient Safety COVID-19 15 May

AoMRC Four Nation The need to reinstate training 3 June 2020


Guidance for Managed Dental Education and Training

Dental Joint statement education COVID-19 19 03 20

Contingency Policy for Dental ARCP RCPs 

Joint statement education COVID-19 20 March 

Redeploying the clinical dental workforce 7 April 

Dental preparedness letter 15 April 

Urgent dental care systems in the context of coronavirus

Statement on Dental Specialty Examinations 15 April

Dental Core Training FAQ 2 - 23 April 

Flexible training/Out Of Programme (OOP) trainees

Guidance on facilitating the return of trainees on flexible training pathways

General Practice

Advice on how to establish a remote total triage model in GP using online consultations

GP preparedness update letter 27 March

Clinical Supervision Arrangements for GP Trainees Working in Respiratory ‘Hot Hubs’

Educational guidance for doctors returning to (or joining) the primary care workforce during the Covid-19 pandemic

HEE Primary Care Update 8 April

Primary and Community Care Team 17 April

Releasing time for care support for general practice 

Primary care update 1 May

Primary care COVID assessment

COVID Virtual ward

Same Day Emergency Care Virtual COVID ward diary

Important update about the AKT 19 May 20

Update on the Recorded Consultation Assessment 18 May 20

Update from the Primary and Community Care Team - 7th Edition

HEE Education and Training Daily Digests

HEE Education and Training Daily Digests 30 March

HEE Education and Training Daily Digest 25 March

HEE Education and Training Daily Digest 2 April

Learning Disability, Autism and Mental Heath

Legal guidance for mental health, learning disability and autism 19 May

NHS Covid-19 Grab and Go LDA Form

Grab and Go LDA Guidance Notes

Less than full time training

Guidance on Management of Less Than Full Time Trainees

National Specialty Recruitment

Covid-19 Specialty Recruitment Plans 30 March

Nursing & Midwifery

COVID Student Data - Nursing Data Guidance 27 March

Letter to nursing and midwifery students - 26 March 

Critical Care Skills for non critical care nurses

MR letter to UGPG Deans re nursing data 23 March 

Personal Protection Equipment

PPE gowns letter Final 10 April

PPE for Junior Doctors and Dentists

Infection prevention and control guidance

Infection prevention and control guidance Appendix 2


Physician associates

FPA-PASC Minimum hours requirements COVID-19_

 PA Deployment Process

Redeployment/Return to practice

Redeploying your secondary care medical workforce safely 26 March

National SuppoRTT Letter for Doctors returning to training in COVID 19 

Guidance for trainees – redeployment to NHS Nightingale Hospitals


Management of Training Rotations 

An approach to deploying trainees unable work in a COVID facing service

Plans for Management of Medical Training Rotations


Track and Trace FAQs 18 May

Testing of NHS staff and household members letter 12 April

National Testing Programme Strategy Summary

New requirement to test patients being discharged from hospital to a care home

Stay at home: guidance for households with possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection

Guidance for households with grandparents, parents and children living together where someone is at increased risk or has symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) infection

Stay at Home guidance for households: illustration

Guidance for contacts of people with possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection who do not live with the person

NHS test and trace: how it works

NHS test and trace: workplace guidance

Government launches NHS Test and Trace service - Press release

Video – SofS and Dido Harding launch Test and Trace


Funding for the employment of students as a result of COVID-19 19 May

HEI COVOID-19 Arrangements

Pharmacy student deployment joint guidance 9 April

Undergraduate – Medical

Joint statement 5th year medical students

Joint statement-update for students not in final six months of programme 25 03 20

Statement of Expectation - Medical Student volunteers in the NHS

Early Allocation of Qualified Medical Students

Medical School Council Advice

Medical Student Volunteers in the NHS 2 April

Statement on clinical placements

Wellbeing and support

Mental health care for staff during coronavirus outbreak Lancet Feb 2020

Wellbeing support services

Free MH Apps for NHS Staff

Wellbeing guide- A Guide to Getting Through The Months Ahead

Mental health and wellbeing resources for pre-reg pharmacists

Maintaining health and wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic | Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience | King’s College London

Psychological first aid for children and young people


Guidance for LAs and LRFs supporting vulnerable high risk people 24th March

COVID-19 patient transport services 27 March

RCEM COVID-19 Trainees FAQs 7 April 

Deploying the optical workforce

How to work safely in care homes

Patients and Family at the End of Life

Occupational Health advice for employers and pregnant women

NIHR Academy update to members - 5th May

Risk Assessment Framework for NHS Staff

Looking after yourself at home leaflet template 

Good practice for working with people and communities during the COVID-19 outbreak 4 May 20

Wellbeing Support for Trainees




We expect that many staff are going to want additional support during the next few months and beyond.  We want to support you.  You can find details of support available to all Y&H trainees below.  We are also making this support available to Trust doctors and senior staff.

These are challenging times, it is ok not to be ok.

We will all react to Covid-19 in different ways – as well as being concerned for our patients, we might be concerned for our own health, and that of our loved ones or colleagues, we might be feeling challenged because we are going to have to do a different role, and feel anxious about that, we might be challenged by what’s going on with regard to recruitment, exams, career progression.  And that’s before we look to wider socio-economic challenges regionally, nationally and globally.  There’s enough to be thinking about right now.  We hear your anxieties.

The good thing is that there is lots of support available, should you need it.  In fact there is so much out there it may be tricky to identify the best source for you.  You will already have your own tried and tested sources of support amongst friends and family - don’t forget to carry on doing what you normally do to feel ok.  Here is what is additionally available:





Trust or Medical School Support


All Trusts across the deanery have established wellbeing support services which you will be able to access. Try looking on the local intranet, Trust social media or asking your supervisor for more information. 

Medical Schools

If you are an interim foundation year 1 doctor the medical schools in Y&H have devised a package of support which you can access.

Health Education England Support


Coaching offers you time to think without judgement in a confidential space.

All our coaches are clinicians and involved in medical education, so will understand the pressures you are under and how these impact on your training.  There is no communication between your coach and your training programme or employer.  This makes it a really helpful place to explore workplace challenges.  You can have a one-off session, or several sessions, depending on your needs – your coach can help you decide.  You can also have a call to talk through with someone how coaching might be of benefit to you. Contact stating your full name, grade, place of work and specialty.

Psychological Support

Workplace Wellbeing is a trainee psychological support services available to those working in South Yorkshire.

Please telephone:  0114 226 1810

Take Time is a psychological support service based in Leeds available to trainees in West Yorkshire and North Yorkshire and the East Coast.


Peer support

We recognise the enormous value of speaking to others who can relate to what you are experiencing.  If you would like to speak to a peer, rather than a coach, we are now running a peer support scheme. To access this please contact stating clearly that you wish some peer support.  You will be matched with another Y&H trainee who has received training in peer support, and then emailed each other's contact details.  You can connect when it is mutually convenient – this is confidential, and independent from your training programme, and all about your wellbeing. 


Skills to help you help yourself

HEEYH is currently offering these free 60 minute webinars via zoom to support your wellbeing:

Tools for Tough Times - this session is provided by Edmund Cross, Facilitation Development Training. This session will introduce an invaluable set of tools that can be used by individuals and teams to:

  • Recognise, validate and process feelings in the here and now 
  • Anticipate and gather resources in an uncertain and escalating crisis
  • Sustain emotional energy during this extremely challenged situation

You will leave the session equipped with essential skills and knowledge which will benefit you in your personal and professional lives. These sessions are very popular and book up quickly so for more information on session dates and to book your place please email

Wellness Induction - these two hour sessions, specifically designed for FiY1 trainees (provided by Dr Jaimee Wylam, Public Health Registrar and Dr Martin Billington, GP) will allow you to explore what contributes to your wellbeing and think practically about how to keep well during challenging times.

The following sessions have been allocated for FiY1 trainees only - Monday 1st June 7-9pm, Thursday 4th June 3-5pm, Monday 8th June 3-5pm and Thurs 11th June 2-4pm.

There is a session being run on Thursday 28th May 8-9pm which is open to everyone. Should you wish to join one of these sessions, please email including the date of the session you wish to receive the meeting link for.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome - you may be feeling anxious about the role assigned to you during Covid-19 and feel you are not up to the job.  These are normal feelings.  This session shares evidence-based tools to manage anxious thoughts and cope with our Imposter selves. For more information please click here

Mindfulness - Mindfulness is an evidence based intervention which has been shown to help in the management of stress.The mindfulness sessions are run by Dr Sanjay Suri Consultant Pediatrician or Dr Shub Suri (GP) Mindfulness practicing teachers. The session will take place on Wednesday 24th June at 10am and Tuesday 14th July at 9am. To register to attend any of these sessions please click here


Skills to help you help others

As described above we are now running a peer support scheme. You may wish to offer your peers or colleagues some structured support during this time.  If so you can train as a peer supporter via a one hour zoom session.  You will learn how to run a 6 step model for a peer support session.  If you are interested, check out the 'key qualities of a peer mentor'  document at the bottom of this page.  To access the training, email stating clearly that you wish to train.

Follow up sessions via zoom will be available for any questions you may have and for supervision.

Lots more available in the 'additional support services for trainees...' at the bottom of this page ​

Additional Support Services for trainees...




















BMA Wellbeing support services - freely available resources for doctors and medical students– available 24/7
0330 123 1245

Practitioner Support Service: 

Specialty-based Support - you may be able to get support via your School or College. You can access these avenues of support by looking on the relevant webpages for your School or College.

Additional Resources...

Mental Wellbeing Resources for all - collated by York GP Training Scheme

Ten Percent Happier

Feeling overwhelmed?  Remember 'RAIN'

Unmind - mental wellbeing done well

NHS Employers - free access wellbeing apps for NHS staff