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There is a new section below entitled "Other work problems" which primarily relates to discrimination, bullying and fatigue as none of the previous sections were relevant. So you can quickly see what's new, the date alongside the category name shows the last edit.

This month's big news item is the publication of a CESR programme for A&E at Derby. Probably produced in response the the well-known recruitment and retention difficulties for A&E in the face of rising demand, it features an appropriate set of training modules with assessments. I wonder whether similar programmes will be rolled out in other specialities?

The  BMA has recently produced a study of fatigue. This was written primarily with junior doctors in mind but is also relevant to those of us who share out-of-hours rotas at any level. This is available for download from the "Resources" section of this website. as well as below. There are also recent entries on bullying.

A recent big news item is the Bawa-Garba case, in which a ST6 paediatric registrar has been struck of by the GMC after a catalogue of failings by her Trust which led, in part, to the death of a 6-year old boy. I will not comment here other than to say that this event could easily happen to one of us, as we are also sub-consultant hospital doctors and we should examine the case very carefully. I have read that her legal fund now exceeds £360,000 and that leave to appeal has been granted. The BMJ reports a considerable amount of correspondence had been received over this case. Most recently Amit Kochhar's blog is published with some pertinent advice. The BMA considers that the GMC should not be able to appeal its own decisions.

This page is intended for news relating to SAS education and I intend to keep it there despite the ongoing political situation. News of the recent budget has been added.

Much recent interest has centered on the current state of the NHS and the effect of Brexit, summarized in BMA Chair Chaand Nagpaul’s New Year Message, a copy of which is here. Recent other papers on Brexit can be found on the page below. Brexit is, and will continue to be, a cause of concern for all sectors of the NHS. I will attempt to keep pertinent articles accessible here. However persistent underfunding is becoming dangerous. It is now less than one year to Brexit.

There are recent publications on workplace harassment and bullying, see below, under "NHS Staff Surveys". See also  Career support for SAS doctors in the SAS development section. There has been a recent conference on bullying and this is reflected in a new link. There has been a recent court case of the failure of trusts to implement breaks every four hours. See Amit Kochhar's interview regarding the recent survey.

Those of us who are members of Doctors.net will probably be aware of a new forum regarding the November 2017 budget. For other budget news please see NHS staff surveys and financial news below. Also on Doctors.net are the eCME modules - see SAS development.

I am told that study leave budgets are now very poor in the Trent area with virtually all of the Trusts running at a deficit and that study leave is rarely approved. The results of the 2016 NHS Staff Survey have now been published; see below.

Consequently we have to ensure that our CME is kept up-to-date. The GMC publish an app which may well help. I easily installed this on my Android tablet: it is also available for Apple IOS. I'm not able to make use of this myself ( retired ) but would like to hear from you about it. There is also a new GMC app for Good Medical Practice available from the same page. Could anyone write a review? The download link is now on the "Resources" page.

In great contrast is the SAS charter. This originated in 2004 but was recently revised.  It lists all the ways your employer  should be supporting you. The English version is also available on the "Resources" page. There is a new BMA page regarding autonomy - see SAS Development.

Mental health provision for young people  is of a great concern nationally. A recent report shows the situation in Yorkshire. More recently severe bed shortages have been shown across adult services.

There are reports that there may be pay rises in excess of 1%!  Current pay scales are listed under SAS contracts.  I have also included links to NHS Employers below. Cuts to disability services have had widespread implications, with some people crowdfunding wheelchairs.

There are recent ( Feb 2017 ) documents on SAS development, see below

The GMC has, at long last, revealed pending changes to revalidation, following Sir Keith Pearson’s report, as reported by the National Health Executive and pulse Magazine. There is an "Action Plan" on the same GMC webpage.

Other news items will be gleaned from the internet largely from, I suspect, the BMA and GMC sites. I will attempt to reference open access pages as much as possible. Please let me know if a page is restricted or non-existent!

Dr Bawa-Garba 20/04/2018

Dr Bawa-Garba.

Crreated Friday, February 02, 2018 | R J Muirhead

Record of Determinations – Medical Practitioners Tribunal .  The original ruling - which the GMC appealed against.

2018 appeal court decision.

If either of the above links are broken please notify me.

RCGP supports Academy response to High Court ruling on Dr Bawa-Garba case.  Academy of Royal Colleges response.

Hadiza Bawa-Garba could have been any member of frontline staff working in today’s overstretched NHS- BMJ. Do you fancy your chances?

To Err is Homicide in Britain – The Case of Dr. Hadiza Bawa-Garba. Written from an American perspective, however compelling reading.

GPs boycott reflective entries for appraisal after Bawa-Garba case.  Reflective entries in her self-appraisal were used against her. Should we delete all such entries?

Crowdfunding drive for doctor struck off over six-year-old boy's death. Fancy contributing?

Dr Hawa-Garba - 120 letters to BMJ.

The lessons of Bawa-Garba must not be lost on SAS doctors ( The BMA Blog, Amit Kochhar, 22 Mar 2018 )

Paediatricians condemn treatment of Bawa-Garba (Published 16 March 2018)

Bawa-Garba granted Court of Appeal challenge against erasure ruling. Leave to appeal now granted, BMJ article.

BMA registers interest in Bawa-Garba’s appeal against erasure. BMA aaplying to intervene as an "interested party".

GMC should lose right to appeal fitness to practise decisions, says BMA  (Published 17 April 2018)


Yorkshire SAS on Twitter 12/03/2017

Yorkshire SAS on Twitter.

Created Sunday, March 12, 2017 | On behalf of Y&H SAS Tutors

Click here to find out what's going on in your region. All the latest news, courses and events with useful links.

NHS Staff Surveys and financial news 23/11/2017

NHS Staff Surveys and financial news.

 Created Wednesday, March 08, 2017 | R Muirhead

The 2017 spring budget. Not much for the NHS!

BMA response to the 2017 Spring budget.

SAS Doctor survey 2015, last updated 26 June 2017.

Mental health care cuts in England 'to total £4.5m'.

Adult Mental health also lacks beds. The Guardian, 27 june 2017 

Crowdfunding wheelchairs.  BMA ARM report, 27 June 2017.

Racism in the NHS - it's still there!

New helpline  if you are feeling under presssure.

Hospitals pay huge locum bill for unfilled jobs. The Times, July 12 2017.

The Government  does not listen to warnings. Guardian July 12 2017

New models for delivering care  - Practical implications for doctors PDF file for download

Discussion paper on pay and the DDRB. Click to download PDF. BMA Oct 2017.

BMA - Budget 2017.

The Independant - Budget 2017. 

The Guardian view on NHS spending: what’s enough.  Following November 2017 budget.

SAS Development 25/04/2018

SAS Development.

Created Monday, February 27, 2017 | R Muirhead


Doctors.net.uk eCME modules. Doctors.Net membership required.

BMA CPD (including webinars).

BMA Webinar calendar. Next  18 April 2018, 1 May 2018

Health Education England - SAS development and retention programme. A toolkit for implementation.


Other Links

Career support for SAS doctors.  Last updated: 27 October 2017  

New guide for SAS doctor development. NHS Employers listing

SAS doctor development Feb 2017. The full guide in PDF format. This one is the BMA website copy, but appears identical to that of NHS Employers.

BMA stresses patient safety following training report.

Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR) guidance.

Applying for training. Opportunities for SAS Doctors. 8 September 2017.

Enhancing training and the support for learners. HEE report 2018

Autonomy for SAS grade doctors - Introduction. An interesting paper from the BMA. - 16 March 2018

SAS Contracts 24/09/2017

SAS Contracts.

Created Monday, February 27, 2017 | R Muirhead

Pay scales for SAS doctors in England.  Last updated: 2 August 2017.

New models for delivering care  - Practical implications for doctors
BMA paper relating to proposed NHS changes. BMA 2017-02-14.

Relevant NHS Employers pages. 

Model SAS Contracts. FAQ, terms and conditions of service.

Extra leave for SAS Doctors.  2 days extra leave due from March 2017.

BMA's evidence to the DDRB on doctors' pay,  2017.( Sorry - this link is broken, target page has been removed )

LNC - local policies. For LNC representatives. 24 September 2017.

European Working Time Directive. 24 September 2017.

Overview of the BMA Staff, Associate Specialists and Specialty Doctors Committee. 20 July 2017.

Brexit 29/03/2018


 Created Monday, February 27, 2017 | R Muirhead

Melody Redman: Don’t drive away EU medics who keep our NHS afloat.Yorkshire Post, Thursday 23 February 2017.

Thousands of doctors may quit UK after Brexit. Guardian, Thursday 23 February 2017, (Dr Mark Porter).

Record number of EU citizens quit working in NHS last year. Guardian, Thursday March 30 2017.

Poll shows 60% of European doctors are considering leaving UK. Guardian, Tuesday 28 February 2017.

Priorities for health and social care in the negotiations on the UK's withdrawal from the European Union. Academy of Royal Medical Colleges, 25 October 2016.

NHS could lose 25,000 workers because of EU vote. Times 13 March 2017.

Brexit uncertainty hits morale of NHS staff from EU. 27 April 2017

Medical profession at ‘crunch point’, GMC report finds. Press Release 19 Dec 2017

BMA Brexit briefings, Last updated:  26 February 2018

BMA briefing: Health protection and health security. Last updated: 30 January 2018

Long division: summing up Brexit and the NHS (Commisioned by BMA, published 26 March 2018). A review of the current state of the NHS one year before Brexit.

Brexit - what it means for the medical profession Last updated: 27 March 2018. BMA

Healthcare first - a Brexit blueprint for Europe Last updated: 26 February 2018. A BMA manifesto for Brexit.

GMC- CME, revalidation, credentialing 20/07/2017

GMC- CME, revalidation, credentialing.

Created Monday, February 27, 2017 | R Muirhead

The GMC main revalidation page

Introduction to Revalidation. BMA advice, last update 12 January 2017.

GMC statement in response to the publication of Sir Keith Pearson's review of revalidation ('Taking Revalidation Forward'). 13 January 2017. read all about forthcoming changes to revalidation.

Credentialing  2016 - the latest I  can find!

BMA backs GMC commitment to reduce burden of revalidation on doctors, National Health Executive, 20 July 2017. 

GMC reveals six-point action plan to overhaul revalidation, Pulse, 20 July 2017.

Other work problems 16/04/2018

Discrimination, bullying, fatigue and other work problems.

Created Tuesday, March 20, 2018 | R Muirhead


Promoting dignity at work. BMA October 2017.

Bullying and harassment research review v7 WEB. Click to download PDF. BMA Oct 2017

How to address bullying and harassment at work. October 2017. Anthea Mowat at her best!

Standing together against sexual harassment.  BMA Blog, Hannah Barham-Brown, 22 Dec 2017.

Junior doctors take trust to court for denying them breaks every four hours

Bullying: no longer acceptable in a noble profession. Last updated: 14 February 2018. Anthea again!

Urgent action is needed to manage doctors’ fatigue, says BMA

RCoA ARIES Talk: Fatigue and the Anaesthetist by Mike Farquhar

Fatigue and sleep deprivation BMA Last updated: 15 March 2018

The fight against fatigue steps up a gear - Last updated: 16 March 2018

SAS doctors continue to suffer from bullying Amit Kochhar BMA interview.