Workforce, training and education
Yorkshire and Humber

Growing the Public Health Workforce - Autumn 2023

The new NHS Workforce plan has acknowledged the need for a growth in public health capacity and highlights:

  • 13% increase in specialty training posts;
  • The embedding of public health core skills and knowledge across the wider NHS workforce; equipping the NHS workforce with the right skills and knowledge to shift care towards prevention and early intervention; and
  • Expansion of the drug and alcohol workforce in line with the 10-year Drug Strategy.

So, in Yorkshire, we are ‘growing our own’.  The various training and education programmes we offer aim to fill in some of the gaps and we have plans for, although presently not the capacity to fill, even more. Dr Richard James an ST5 registrar has developed an infographic (appendix A) that describes what we can offer locally, this report aims to put some meat on the bones with stories about the impact of our work and how training and education is so essential in our attempts to improve health and tackle inequalities...

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