ARCP South

ARCP dates


Date: Tuesday 23 June 2020

Venue: HEE Office; Don Valley House, Savile Street East, Sheffield, S4 7UQ

All trainees are asked to note this date in their diary and will be contacted in late April/early May to confirm details. The TPD may hold ad hoc panels later in the year should the need arise but this should not be read as an option to have your ARCP on alternative date.  

ARCP guide


This guide has been produced to assist trainees in the South Yorkshire rotation to be ready for ARCP. We recommend reading it when starting and again review it well before ARCP.

ARCP guide

Trainees should also familiarise themselves with the ARCP summary sheet, available at the foot of this page. Trainees are advised to forward this to their Education Supervisor to fill in during the ES meeting before the ARCP. The ES will then forward this to the Training Programme Director. This step has been to work as very effective checklist for both the ES and Trainee. Any queries regarding the sheet should be referred to Mr Acharya.

Trainee ePortfolio actions

In order to ensure the ARCP information before the panel is accurate, trainees must ensure that the following data is up-to-date on their ePortfolio account before the cut-off date for their ARCP evidence (usually at least 14 days before their ARCP date) :

  • GMC Number;
  • Programme End date (This is your CCT date. You can check this with your TPD but it should be on your last ARCP document unless it has changed since then);
  • National Training Number (NTN);
  • All training placements;    and
  • Periods out of training (OOP, Mat Leave and Sick leave etc) during the last 12 months. (These should be recorded in Leave details on My Details tab)

If you fail to do this, your ARCP will contain incorrect training information and may be rejected by the College. Click here for guidance on using ePortfolio

Please also note the School will no longer send a copy of your ARCP form via email. Trainees will be required to go in to their ARCP form on ePortfolio, following the TPD's confirmation the panel have completed their actions, to review & sign off the ARCP themselves. After this it will be available for you to download online. If a trainee does not 'sign-off' the ARCP it will not be treated as completed by the School nor the College and may affect future ARCPs.