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Social Prescribing for IMGs

About the Service

We have a dedicated service run by Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust to help support your move to the area of your training programme, wherever that happens to be throughout the Yorkshire and Humber region. We have social prescribers that can offer you guidance and help to lead you through the transition.

Our social prescribing service is tailored for medical and dental graduates who obtained their primary medical degree outside of the UK. It has been introduced to support doctors with a wide range of issues, concerns and challenges allowing you to focus whole-heartedly upon your training programme and academic goals.

Upon referral, you will be assigned a link worker who will help you to set achievable goals, overcome barriers, and develop a personal plan to make positive changes for the long term. It is an opportunity to tailor the support to you as an individual and your needs, helping you with your adjustment to a new area. 

We provide confidential, non-judgemental support, to all international postgraduate doctors and dentists in training (and their direct family members) within the Yorkshire and Humber, and many of our advisors are international themselves. 

We can support in any area of a person’s wellbeing that is a non-medical issue but is affecting their ability to self-care and stay well. This can include concerns around accommodation, finances, childcare, worries about their training and anxiety and much more.

Individualised care and motivation is provided to those who may require personalised solutions to social, emotional or practical needs – we work with people to co-produce their own ‘social prescription’ and empower them to make changes and adjustments.

We are a signposting service, which works in partnership with local services and organisations to support and advise people who may be new to the area / country / UK culture.

By empowering you to take control of any concerns and overcoming challenging or difficult issues, you are free to focus whole heartedly upon your ‘day job’ and training.

Appointments take place virtually via teams, as opposed to face to face, due to the geographical span the service covers. These consultations can continue for as long as you wish, throughout the duration of training.

"I wholeheartedly recommend this service to anyone finding themselves in need of guidance or support. The level of care, empathy, and understanding extended to me was unparalleled." 

IMG New to the NHS, August 2023

How to access the service

You can self-refer to make an appointment with the social prescriber:

By email: 

By telephone: +44 (0)800 9177752

Find out more

To find our more about the Social Prescribing Service and be introduced to some of the link workers, why not listen to the Social Prescribing Podcast 'Consent to Share':