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eSurgery Learning Programme

Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare has worked with the Royal College of Surgeons to develop eSurgery, a free e-learning resource supporting trainees in their early years of surgical training.

This resource will provide a broad theoretical knowledge common to all surgical specialties and help trainees develop the basic knowledge and skills required of a surgeon.

eSurgery offers interactive e-learning sessions structured in modules that map to the Intercollegiate Surgical Curriculum Programme (ISCP).

The modules cover:
• Basic science knowledge relevant to surgical practice
• Common surgical conditions
• Basic surgical skills
• Peri-operative care of the surgical patient
• Assessment and management of patients with trauma
• Organ and tissue transplantation.

For more information about eSurgery and how to access the programme please visit:

Exception Reporting e-learning

An e-learning package aimed at Educational and Clinical Supervisors on Exception Reporting is available on e-Learning for Healthcare:

The e-learning may also be useful for Core trainees. The Core Surgery programme encourages the use of exception reporting. If you are not receiving information about exception reporting from your trust, please contact your Guardian, Junior Doctors' Forum Rep and/or your Director of Medical Education.

Care of the Elderly Surgical Patient e-learning

The demographics of surgical patients are changing drastically.  We therefore need to be prepared as a profession to manage older, complex and multi-morbid surgical patients, alongside our colleagues from anaesthetics and the medical specialties. ePeriOp ( has been designed to provide online education and easy-to-access information and resources towards Proactive Care of the Older Surgical Patient. ePeriOp has been produced by Mr Gordon McKenzie (ACF in Otolaryngology) and extensively peer-reviewed by specialised geriatricians and senior surgeons.

Contained within this website are e-Learning materials designed for Core and Higher Specialty Surgical Trainees working within the UK. We have a growing number of Applets and a formative quiz. There is also background work underway into further digital health solutions for older surgical patients.

We emphasise shared-care models for older, complex surgical patients through collaboration between physicians, surgeons and anaesthetists.  

We are collecting feedback on the impact of this resource and if you do use any of the materials, we would really appreciate your views. The feedback form can be found here (