Workforce, training and education
Yorkshire and Humber

Recruitment for posts in the Yorkshire and Humber training scheme is through national recruitment, performed on a yearly basis. This is currently run through Health Education working across Wessex which is the lead deanery for Paediatric Cardiology.

In Yorkshire and the Humber there are currently 4 Full time training posts which are each occupied for a notional period of 5 years (may be shorter due to accelerated training in exceptional cases, or longer in view of OOP or other periods of leave from the programme). Because trainees train at different rates, it is not possible to define the exact time that a training post will be vacated and therefore in some years there may not be any posts available in this region.

Following the 5 year notional training period and appointment of CCT, each trainee will be offered a 6 month "Grace" period to remain within the registrar grade whilst a suitable post CCT position is sought.