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Assessments & ARCP's.



Workplace based assessments (WPBAs) are a central part of the continuous assessment process which takes place throughout training. A variety of assessments are used and these aim to assess different aspects of knowledge, skills and communication skills;

A good summary of the assessments in use can be found at this link

Please do take note of the maximum number of competency links each assessment can have (8 for an ACAT, 2 for mini-cex and CBDs)


Linking the GIM Curriculum

  • Each competency should have an average of 2 links
  • The free text can be utilized in justifying the competency
  • Self rating is compulsory and should occur before ratification by a supervisor



  • Wherever possible GIM ARCPS are conducted with the parent speciality ARCP except in the penultimate year when they occur with the GIM PYA
  • One GIM ARCP is required for each of the three stages of GIM training, not each calendar year. However the portfolio may be reviewed and advice offered.
  • A separate GIM ES report is compulsory before a GIM ARCP
  • To assist with the process there is a GIM ARCP proforma, completion of which is recommended before ARCP.

GIM ARCP Proforma