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Yorkshire and Humber
Barnsley Hospital

Barnsley Hospital


Barnsley Hospital is a 500-bed district general hospital which serves a population of approx 250,000 people in and around Barnsley. There is a 28 bed Geriatric/General Medicine ward as well as a 28 bed Stroke/Geriatric ward. The hospital is also developing a Frailty service with both outpatient and inpatient facilities. On-call commitments include the general medical take as well as CCU management.

The hospital provides training opportunities across the geriatric curriculum – in particular Continence, Syncope/Falls and Movement Disorders. There are also opportunities to gain experience in Frailty as well as General Internal Medicine. Palliative care attachments and experience in memory clinics are also available.

Doncaster Royal Infirmary

Doncaster Royal Infirmary


Doncaster Royal Infirmary is a large acute teaching hospital with over 500 beds and a specialist Frailty admissions unit and Stroke unit that offers thrombolysis. There are opportunities to attend a variety of specialist movement disorder clinics at Tickhill Road hospital, Mexborough Montagu Hospital and Doncaster Royal Infirmary. There are also opportunities to spend time with consultants specialising in community geriatrics in the care home environment as well as orthogeriatric liaison work. 

Rotherham Hospital

Rotherham General Hospital


Rotherham is a medium sized district general hospital with a modern Emergency Department and a general Acute Medical Unit including a geriatrician and frailty specialist nurses who provide input for selected patients meeting frailty criteria. There are two 34 bed geriatrics wards as well as 14 beds on a ward shared with Diabetes and Endocrinology. Training opportunities built in to the job plan include general geriatrics inpatient work, elderly diabetes clinics, Parkinsons (new and follow up) clinics and medical (not “one stop”) falls clinics. General medicine on-call covers the acute admissions unit and wards with the ability to get procedural competencies signed off in the theatre treatment suite. The community hospital is on-site as are the old age mental health wards and liaison and community teams so community work can be organised as needed.

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals

Sheffield Teaching Hospital


This trust is the largest in the rotation comprising of the Northern General Hospital and the Royal Hallamshire Hospital. Trainees can expect to spend two years of their training based here. Eight of the seven posts are at the Northern General with on call commitments at both sites. The specialist Frailty Unit for acute admissions is based here. There is a specialist stroke post at the Hallamshire Hospital.


There are good training opportunities in a broad range of areas including Acute Geriatrics, Frailty, Community, Falls and Syncope, Stroke (including thrombolysis),  Dementia, Orthogeriatrics, Surgical Liaison, and Movement Disorders. Specialist attachments in palliative care and psychogeriatrics are available.

Grimsby, Diana Princess of Wales Hospital

Grimsby, Diana Princess of Wales Hospital


This is a small District General Hospital where trainees may spend one year of their training and can expect to gain experience in general medicine. There is opportunity to gain good training in Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders, opportunity to attend osteoporosis clinics, and opportunity to be based on a stroke rehabilitation ward with experience on the acute stroke rota (including thrombolysis) at Scunthorpe Hospital. On call commitments cover the general take and ward cover. There is opportunity to gain level 2 care experience whilst on call as the High Dependency Unit is medically managed.