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There are opportunities to attend a variety of regional and national courses and conferences to help trainees further their development. Some of these are mandatory to fulfil training requirements (e.g. Advanced Life Support).

The table below shows an overview of the courses and a suggested timescale for completion – some flexibility exists. Health Education England (Yorkshire) provides a number of ‘generic’ skills courses - trainees are required to attend those in bold print. Further details about these courses and the online booking system can be accessed in the General (Internal) Medicine section of this website. These courses are usually free of charge.

Note that there is some overlap between the courses required for Geriatric Medicine and General (Internal) Medicine – trainees are not expected to attend the same course more than once.

  ST3 ST4 ST5 ST6


Research skills






Medical ethics






Legal issues






Teaching and presentation skills






Management and leadership






Core geriatric courses*

One per year

Regional BGS meetings**

One per year

National BGS conferences

At least two in five years

Local audit/governance meetings

At least 50%

Advanced life support

Valid certificate throughout

Other specialty courses

As funding allows

*Core geriatric courses might include: continence, falls/bone health, stroke, perioperative care, movement disorders, old age psychiatry, frailty – see below

**See ‘Training Days’ section for further details


Study leave and funding should be applied for well in advance of attending courses. The study leave budget is managed by Dr Gillian Fox ( for East/West Yorkshire, and Dr Heather Elphick/Dr Philippa May for South Yorkshire (;  You must check first before anticipating funding (consideration will be given to relevant courses not listed here). There is no funding from the study leave budget for consultant interview preparation courses, Masters courses or international travel, however for international courses there may be alternative sources of funding e.g. BGS.


Some suggested core geriatric courses:


Movement disorders

Parkinson’s UK Foundation Masterclass, Sheffield

Movement Disorders Course, Birmingham


Falls/bone health

BGS: Falls and Postural Stability Meeting

Bone Research Society Clinical Training Course: Osteoporosis and Other Metabolic Bone Diseases, Oxford



BGS: Improving Continence in Older People



UK Stroke Forum Conference


Psychiatry of old age

Dementia Masterclass, Manchester


Perioperative care

BGS: Perioperative Care For Older Patients Undergoing Surgery, London



Acute Frailty Network Conference



The BGS website has a ‘Conferences and Events’ section, listing upcoming BGS conferences and special interest meetings, as well as relevant external events.


Regional Training Days

Further information here.