Workforce, training and education
Yorkshire and Humber

Prospective and New Trainees


Applying for Specialty Training

Recruitment to Geriatric Medicine training is managed and coordinated by the Joint Royal College of Physicians Training Board (JRCPTB).

The website provides information about eligibility and the application process. Candidates apply for a training number within the Yorkshire and Humber region as a whole, before ranking their preferred area for training - East, West or South Yorkshire. This is a competitive process, based on application and interview scores.

In recent years, the online system for applications opens each February for programmes starting in August. However, further training positions can become available at a later date, in which case a second round of recruitment is advertised.

There are also opportunities to apply for Academic Clinical Fellowship (ACF) posts, which are applied for separately at ST3 level (see ‘Research & Academic Opportunities’)

The Association for Elderly Medicine Education (AEME) is a useful resource for those considering a career in Geriatric Medicine. Amongst other things, they organise a variety of popular ‘Geriatrics for Juniors’ events (


New Trainees

New trainees can expect to have both regional and local inductions at the start of training. While the Training Programme Directors broadly manage the training programme, Clinical and Educational Supervisors oversee trainees locally. A mentoring scheme pairs new and existing trainees for further (more informal) support.

Trainees are expected to use NHS e-Portfolio ( to demonstrate progression through online workplace-based assessments, reflective entries, uploading certificates etc.

The training curricula for both Geriatric and General (Internal) Medicine can be found on the Joint Royal College of Physicians Training Board (JRCPTB) website ( The site also provides information about the Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) – the yearly appraisal process held each June, and the Penultimate Year Assessment (PYA) – an external assessment performed 12-18 months prior to a trainee’s expected training completion date (see 'Assessment and Examinations').


New Starter Checklist

Enrol with the JRCPTB (they should email you with details)

Complete Form R (Part A) to receive training number (deanery should email you with details)

Check e-Portfolio personal/post/supervisor details are up to date

Become familiar with the Geriatric and G(I)M curricula…

… and the ARCP decision aids!

Keep a log of clinics/clinic equivalent numbers and ‘on-call’ experience

  • JRCPTB ‘Firth Calculator’ to be completed before ARCP

Apply for study leave (and funding) well in advance for:

  • Monthly regional Geriatric SpR training days
  • Regional (Yorkshire) BGS days
  • Deanery generic skills courses
  • G(I)M regional training days
  • Other relevant conferences/courses

Join the British Geriatrics Society (optional, but recommended)

Check medical indemnity coverage is up to date

Form R (Part B) should be completed annually prior to ARCP