The Trainer Seminar is mandatory for GP trainer re-approval. It is also an excellent course with the opportunity to reflect on your skills and development as a trainer.

It is the Trainers responsibility to ensure that they have attended this course in each re-approval cycle.

If you do not attend in the re-approval cycle, then you will not be re-approved as a trainer.


You will receive an email invitation around the midway point of your re-approval cycle containing a survey to provide your availability. You will then be allocated a seminar to attend, this is booked via MaxCourse and you are required to have an account. If you do not already have an account instructions are available here or below.

If you haven't received an invitation when expected and you require to attend a seminar please email to let the team know.

**Please note, as we were unable to run any seminars for majority of 2020 we are currently working through a backlog of Trainers required to attend prior to their reapproval date so you may not recieve an invitation at the midway point. We hope to make our way back to this soon**


If you have any queries regarding the re-approval process, please contact the Approvals Team on

Please also view the GP Trainer re-approval page, linked here, for further information on the following:

  • How does my Practice become a training site/What if there are changes to my current approved Practice site?
  • How do I become re-approved as a GP Trainer?
  • Resources for the Trainers Seminars
  • What do I do if I no longer want to be a Trainer?
  • How do I take a break from being a GP Trainer?
  • What if I am moving Practices?



Trainer Seminar Dates

We currently do not have any spaces on Seminars running January 2021- July 2021. We will be organising more seminars to run after July 2021 shorly. If your reapproval date is due to fall in January or July 2022 you will be contacted as soon as new seminar dates are planned, to provide your availability.

Please contact our team on if your reapproval is due and you have not recieved any contact regarding attending a seminar.  

How to set up MaxCourse account

We have changed from the manual booking system to an online self-service system called MaxCourse.  

If you have not already created a MaxCourse account, please click on this link:  MaxCourse and follow the below instructions.

Click on ‘New user – start here’ and complete the requested information.

After you have created your account, before you can book onto a courseyou will need to update the following:

  • Profession- Select the one/s that apply, this will be used to confirm you are applying for courses relevant to your current grade. This is located under ‘User details- Professions’

  • Gender, Main Occupation, Speciality and Trust. These are to be updated via ‘User details- Personal Details’

Once your account has been set up, you can locate courses either by the course calendar or using the search function,

Click on ‘My Courses’ to see the list of courses you are booked on to.