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Yorkshire and Humber

Speciality Training Committee

The Speciality Training Committee (STC) meets at least twice yearly and has the responsibility of ensuring high quality training is delivered. The STC has consultant representation from all the renal units who host renal trainees. We also have trainee representatives and personnel from the Deanery.

Chaired by a TPD in the region, these meetings provide the opportunity to discuss matters such as trainee reports and rotations, recruitment, ARCPs and PYAs. Specific programme updates and training issues are also discussed. Trainee representatives provide feedback to the STC to enable continuous improvements to the training programme.

The STC representatives can also be contacted, in addition to the TPDs, if there are any areas of concerns within your current rotations.


The current STC representatives are:

Dr Tasnim Momoniat (East/West) - Email:

Dr Matthew Gittus (South) - Email: