Urgent and Unscheduled Care

There have been changes to the Out of Hours requirements for GP Trainees. Please see documents below for guidance:

Mapping Urgent and Unscheduled Care

OOH Session Recording and Feedback Form

Evidence of UUSC Capabilities


The GPStR is no longer being asked to provide evidence of the previous OOH competences which included for example the Ability to manage common medical, surgical and psychiatric emergencies in the out-of-hours setting, the Ability to make appropriate referrals to hospitals and other professionals in the out of-hours setting and Demonstration of communication skills required for out-of-hours care.

Instead they are being asked to provide evidence of the generic Capabilities in the context of the Urgent and Unscheduled Care Clinical Experience Group so for example communication and consultation, data gathering and interpretation, making decisions and clinical management as they apply to the context of the Urgent and Unscheduled Care (UUSC) setting.

The curriculum for UUSC is available on the RCGP website in the 'professional, life changes and clinical topics guide’ on page 47.

Urgent and Unscheduled Care (UUSC) may be considered to encompass Out of Hours Sessions plus duty doctor in the day dealing with urgent medical problems or urgent/unscheduled bookings at an extended access hub but there remains the expectation that, to demonstrate Capability for the Urgent and Unscheduled Care Clinical Experience Group, the majority of their experience should come from the Out of Hours setting.  

This is because there remain particular features more likely encountered in a primary care urgent care setting that require a specific educational focus plus the fact that in any case the GPStR must meet their contractual requirements regarding OOH sessions with the educator assessment focusing on assessing their  Capability in the Urgent and Unscheduled Care Clinical Experience Group.

A GPStR is unlikely to be rated as Capable in the context of the UUSC Clinical Experience Group in the final ESR and be recommended for CCT at ARCP without a significant body of evidence of capability being provided from sessions in the OOH and Primary Care based Urgent/Unscheduled care setting.

It should be possible to use the ePortfolio to see the evidence of Capability for each Clinical Experience Group by looking at the linked learning logs and this includes the Urgent and Unscheduled Care group.

Clinical Supervisors in the OOH Setting

HEE have developed an eLearning Package for OOH clinical supervisors. These are GPs who supervise GPStRs undertaking an OOH session who are not current GP educators.

Completing the eLearning Package provides prospective OOH Clinical Supervisors with HEE Yorks and Humber approval. This can then be used by the OOH Clinical Supervisor to demonstrate to the OOH provider that they are accredited and able to supervise GPStRs in the OOH setting.




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Accessing the course

Click on “All courses”. Then click on the “Educational Supervision” category. The “GP out of hours Educational Supervision Training” course is at the top – click on this and you will be asked to enrol. Once you are enrolled, then the course will appear in your “My courses” area – so the next time you login just go straight there to access it.

The course content

The course is made up of an interactive e-Learning Module followed by an MCQ Assessment. There are also optional reference materials. After you have completed the e-Learning Module and passed the MCQ Assessment, please complete the Evaluation Form. You can then access your certificate. The certificate is a PDF document and so you can save it or print it off. The certificate is permanently saved on your course, so you can access it at any time from the site.