Support for Doctors in Difficulty

If you are experiencing problems which are impacting on your training and wellbeing, your first point of contact is your Educational Supervisor or Linda or Sue in the GPSTP Office.

Please see Health Education Yorkshire & The Humber website for policies and support available:

and the Doctors in Difficulty Leaflet in the Downloads section opposite.

Free Coaching Service

Health Education Yorkshire & The Humber (HEYH) offers a *free* coaching service for doctors in training in Yorkshire and the Humber.

What is coaching? … some definitions:

  • Opportunity to take time in a safe space to explore your life and work on ways of achieving own goals.
  • Protected environment allowing time to think and reflect about own agenda find inner resources set own goals to enhance own life.
  • Coaching is helping you to improve what is important to you.
  • Non-judgmental structured and confidential facilitation of your personal and professional development focusing on strengths.

Coaching typically involves around 4 one hour sessions.

What issues prompt trainees to seek coaching?

  • Time management/improving work-life balance/healthy lifestyle (energy management)
  • Issues around confidence/assertiveness/imposter syndrome/
  • Strategies for passing exams/interview preparation/career progression/transition to higher training or consultant

The coaches are Educational Supervisors who have attended an assessed 7-day training programme.

Commonly mentioned benefits include higher motivation, better decision making and improved change management, better personal and organisational performance, improved work-life balance, and better self-reflection.

Here are some quotes from trainees:

“I will stay in medicine!”

“Coaching has helped me be less stressed and I will be able to deliver better patient care”

“Coaching has helped me improve my ability to time-manage/prioritise and will also improve my performance when managing patients”

Full information available at: