Annual, Sick and Other Leave

Please refer to Health Education Yorkshire and the Humber Guidelines for the Management of Sickness Absence  via the link below:

It is important that you advise your Educational Supervisor, Dr Sandra Brinkley, Senior Programme Director, and Linda or Sue at the GPSTP Office of any absences from training so we can make a note in your ePortfolio and also advise the School of Primary Care to determine whether or not extended training will be required. You must also indicate the number of calendar days missed in a training year on your Form R and provide a record of leave taken in your ePortfolio for review by the ARCP panel - a proforma is included in the NOE Workbook available to download from the following page:

email : and

There is also information available on the BMA website via the link below:

NB It is important to bear in mind that although you may be contractually entitled to take maternity, paternity, carer leave, etc, any absence due to type of any type (except study or annual leave) of more than 14 days (ie 2 calendar weeks) in a training year must be made up in by extending your training completion date. Please notify the GPSTP Office immediately in this event.

Annual leave entitlement - Hospital Placements

ST1 and ST2 = 25 days plus 2 statutory days = 9 days in a 4 months placement or 13.5 days in a 6 months placement.

ST3 (equivalent to year 5 SHO) and above = 30 days plus 2 statutory days = 10/11 days in a 4 months placement or 16 days in a 6 months placement.

Note it may be possible to take 10 days in a 4 months post to fit in a 2 week holiday - you are advised to contact the department well in advance to make such a request.

Please note that annual leave cannot be carried over from one placement to the next.

Annual leave entitlement - GP Placements

ST1/ST2 = 25 days annual leave year

ST3 (equivalent to year 5 SHO) onwards = 30 days annual leave per year

Leave entitlements are pro-rata for LTFT trainees.