Presentation Resources for Trainees

The list below contains details of some of the resources that GPStRs have used in the recent past for their presentations. We strongly recommend that you develop your own session and do not try to talk to another person's powerpoint or presentation.

These may however be a good source of ideas for you and an opportunity to look at how others have approached a subject. If the date is recent then remember that many of the Less Than Full Time GPStRs on the scheme may well have been to that session before ... even more reason to develop your own ideas and presentations!

Remember that our time on Thursdays is not long so try to prioritise learning that is best done in groups. You might suggest that people look at an on line resource before coming to the day (eg or so that they have acquired the knowledge before coming to your session. Give them lots of warning in case they are on nights before the session though!

Your team leaders are happy to be contacted to talk about how you can make your presentations interesting and lively.We have materials available on the following topics below.

Alcohol management
Back Pain
Chronic illness
Eating Disorders
Medication review
Mental Health
Neonatal / Pregnancy Problems
Oral Problems
Care Primary Care Admin and IT
Reflux and Colic
Spot diagnosis
Struggling and failing colleagues
Travel Health

If you would like to review any of these materials, please request by e-mail from the GPSTP Office.

email :

Please do not use cartoons or images for your presentations that are copyright protected.