Attendance at GPSTP Teaching Sessions

Attendance at teaching sessions is recorded centrally for ARCP.

Please note it is your responsibility to make sure your attendance is recorded.  If you are late and miss the register submission, you must email Sue to explain why you were late and request that your attendance be recorded.  A learning log entry should be made in your eportfolio record following each teaching session.

If you are unable to attend a teaching session for any reason please email Sue to explain the reason for your absence so this can be recorded.

If you wish to discuss your record of attendance, please contact Sue, telephone 222 2092.

Minimum acceptable attendance is 80%, allowing only for absence due to sick leave. Attendance at GPSTP approved or organised courses on Thursdays will count as attendance at a GPSTP session.

The GPSTP sessions are held every Thursday and start at 9.00am and finish at 4.30pm for the hospital group. The first and final GP groups start at 2.00pm and finish at 5.00pm.

There are 24 hospital group sessions in each 12 month period, trainees will need to attend 4-10 sessions during each 4/6 months post depending on the medical specialty:

  • A&E, O&G, Paediatrics, Paediatrics A&E, Palliative Care (St Luke's Hospice only), GUM - 4 days in a 4 months post, 6 days in a 6 months post
  • All other specialties - 6 days in a 4 months post, 10 days in a 6 months post

If you are in GP placement you are expected to attend all the sessions held for your group during your placement, your trainer will be informed of this.

If you are having problems in arranging to attend the required number of teaching sessions, please contact the GPSTP Office.

LTFT Trainee Attendance at Teaching

LTFT trainees will have a full 6 months of participation in an ST1 GP teaching group and will be expected to attend all sessions.

LTFT trainees in hospital posts will be encouraged to attend the hospital day release for the same proportion of sessions other registrars attend. If they have been in the hospital group for more than 2 years, it may be appropriate to discuss further attendance with your educational supervisor and plan alternative educational activity with their advice and that of their prospective trainer, if known.

For final GP groups LTFT trainees should discuss their planned attendance and needs with their trainer and Educational Supervisor.  They should attend a full programme of ST3 teaching.   Attending the pre-CSA sessions and post CSA sessions at the most suitable time, but they may want to be in a group for all of their final GP post.  If you have any questions please contact the Programme Directors for ST3.