FY2 Training.

Practices: Why Should You Consider F2 training

  • This might be the right time to introduce challenge into your "educational" life and thus rekindle the flame for some of you. Do you feel your training life has become a bit "hum drum"?
  • Some of you will be without a GP trainee and thus you may want to keep up your educational/teaching skills and take on an F2 doctor
  • You do get some service provision out of the F2 doctor.  An F2 doctor is at the same level as a previous first time GP trainee (ST1)
  • F2 training attracts a reasonable training grant
  • Recent informal surveys shows new F2 trainers love doing it and the F2 trainees on the whole are very keen

Who Is the F2 Lead for Health Education England Yorkshire and the Humber?

West Yorkshire

South Yorkshire

N&E Yorks and North Lincs

Want More Information?

If you are an F2 trainee or an F2 trainer, you will find many of your questions answered in the GP Handbook.

You may also find the approval and re-approval of F2 GP trainers document , and Bill Bevington's guide to the consultation helpful. 

You will find more advice regarding Foundation here or you can e-mail HEE YH on foundation.yh@hee.nhs.uk

Who Employs F2 Trainees

The Trust employs the trainee and is responsible for managing their contract, sick leave, annual leave, GMC and DBS issues. 

How Much Study Leave Are F2 Trainees Entitled To?

They are "allowed" an equal amount of study leave to holiday, 5 weeks/year. However, in effect they can claim very little.  The money's taken by the Trust study days.  They're learning Foundation skills, so shouldn't be attending private study leave for exams or courses to further their future careers (e.g ENT or General Surgery).  An example of a course that would be approved would be ALS (advanced life support), if they've missed it before.
Having said that, if they come up with a course that appears reasonable and they're coping ok with GP and the Foundation programme, and they're willing to pay for it, then it's down to you as clinical supervisor, and thier ES or the local FTPD lead at the Trust to approve it or not.

Can F2 Trainees Go To Half Day Release with our GP Trainees?

Some large half day releases (e.g. Leeds) don't want even more doctors to look after - it affects the group dynamics.  Other smaller schemes don't mind and have found their presence both at the HDR and weekly topic tutorials in practice hasn't been at all disruptive.  The GP trainees have welcomed their input and the F2s say they've learned lots - even the ones not intending to be GPs.  So in summary, attendance is up to local negotiation between you supervisors, F2s and the local programme directors.   Now that GP Training Schemes are being asked to increase capacity and take on more GP trainees, don't take it personally if the scheme turns down your request.   There may be other alternative educational events in your local region: ask one of the FY2 leads listed above.

How do I book on the Educational Supervisor face-to-face sessions?

If you have completed your e-Learning modules and now need to attend the Educational Supervisors face-to-face training, please see the list of available dates which can be found here.     

How Do The Training Practices Receive the Training Grant?

Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber are invoiced directly at the end of each 4 month the placement.   

Tell me a bit more about Educational Supervision

This may be looked on as part of the duties of the first Clinical Supervisor (as most hospital posts).  The Educational Supervisor role involves providing support throughout the year.  Planning for, and how to meet the trainees educational needs for the year is naturally part of their first attachment, and so the first Clinical Supervisor is well placed to follow progression through the year.  There’s one meeting per post, discussing the clinical supervisors report and how the assessments are going, some career advice and pastoral support may be part of this meeting, and you will be a point of contact at other times as needed.  If you have supervised GP trainees as an Educational Supervisor this should be easy.  The forms, including the final Education Supervisor report, are on the e-Portfolio.  You will be provided access to the e-Portfolio upon completion of the training.