Training Programme Directors.

Training Programme Directors

The General Practice Specialist Training Programme Director is a postgraduate teacher and educational manager, working within the framework of the GP School, and in accordance with the policies set by the Director of Postgraduate General Practice Education and the Postgraduate Dean. The principal task of the Training Programme Director within the General Practice Specialist Training Programme is to support the professional development of GPStRs, manage progression and placements, encourage autonomy in the learners, help support the development of their sensitivity to patients needs, and to aide in the development of an holistic approach to patient management.

Core Functions


  • Involvement in the GP recruitment process
  • Development, planning and provision of training programmes
  • Providing support for the development of GP Trainers and other local educators
  • Mangement and monitoring of trainee work place based assessment
  • Participation in a continuing programme of personal professional development
  • Liaison with GP School in relation to issues such as the management of trainees in difficulty.

GP School Management functions

  • Organisational development and business planning
  • Management of local ARCP and assessment process
  • Local budget management
  • Resource management
  • Production of reports and data
  • Liaison with GP Practices and Hospital Trusts.


  • Support and advice for GPStRs
  • Support and advice for GP Trainers, Educational Supervisors and Clinical Supervisors.


  • Involvement in appointment and monitoring of GP Trainers in accordance with School guidelines
  • Representation on School and national educational committees
  • Development and use of specific educational skills
  • Provision of careers advice for those interested in General Practice or Primary Care education

Please see the School's Job Description for further information on the role.