Survey of Leadership Skills Teaching in Yorkshire & the Humber.

traffic_lights_450x338.jpgIn 2013 a Deanery-wide survey was conducted in order to find out how important the various skills were thought to be and how much attention was being given to them through teaching, on schemes and in practices. 52 trainees and 55 educators responded.

Across all 6 skill sets the educators reported they were facilitating more teaching than trainees perceived was happening. The most striking discrepancy was "coping with pressure" where 84% of educators felt that this topic was taught whereas only 44% of trainees felt they had received teaching.

Trainee/educator discrepancies in perceived importance of skills included; using analytical tools, evaluating the impact of services and managing conflict.

Respondents also gave examples of teaching that they had experienced within each skill set.

The overwhelming message was that developing leadership skills was seen as an important part of teaching and training and was already happening, although often not signposted as leadership.


The skill groups shown as green are thought to be both important and well addressed through training. Red indicates least important and least addressed.