Medical leadership is a hot topic but how can we teach it? 

In 2012 a group of senior GP Educators at the School of Primary Care in Yorkshire and the Humber, distilled from the leadership domains in the Medical Leadership Framework, a number of trainable skills.

These skills are grouped (1) listening, feedback and reflection; (2) organisational skills; (3) working in teams (personal); (4) dealing with conflict and pressure; (5) working in team (groups) and (6) improving services.


Listening, Feedback and Reflection

Listening skills, participating in reflective practice, learning from feedback, giving and receiving feedback, dealing with conflict between personal and professional values, using methods of gathering views.

Organisational Skills

Time management, prioritisation skills, how to delegate appropriately, working flexibly.

Working in Teams (personal)

Recognising personal strengths and limitations, using personal strengths and limitations when working in groups, assessing own performance, using personal strengths and limitations when working with people with different personality types.

Dealing with Conflict and Pressure

Coping with pressure, managing conflict in the workplace, engaging/negotiating with “difficult” group members, managing power differences within relationships.

Working in Teams (groups)

Diversity training, facilitation skills, chairing meetings, creative skills (e.g. blue sky thinking).

Improving Services

Managing resources, addressing capacity and demand, financial planning and making a business case, using analytical and planning tools, evaluating the impact of services, identifying gaps in services.