International Medical Graduates.

In our region, we are lucky enough to enjoy the benefits of a diverse population of GP trainees drawn from all over the world. As educators we also know that this group face considerable challenges in understanding the culture and language of a new country and in engaging with the GP Curriculum.

We have conducted a survey of educators and International Medical Graduates (IMGs) to look more closely into these issues, focusing on areas within the curriculum, the problems and possible solutions. The full results are long but fascinating to read as they contain the authentic voice of the respondents. View the IMG survey - in detail document below

This will be too much for many, so we have attached two short documents (also under  Resources) which are Maggie Eisner's summary of the main findings (IMG survey - summary [download below]) and John Chadwick's excellent suggestions on how the issues could be addressed by the educational community (How you can help IMGs [download below]).

These colleagues along with Sarah Jordan and I will be taking this work forward so if you have any thoughts, don't hesitate to contact us.

Many of you took part in the original survey request and the documents that have been produced reflect the thoughtful and constructive responses that we have had from you. I feel very proud of your proactive approach in what is a sensitive and difficult area for all medical professionals. General Practice is in the forefront of addressing this issue and we intend this work to be widely shared.

Dr Amar Rughani
School Lead for Curriculum Delivery

Induction for International Doctors