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Simulation Skills Lab

The Clinical Simulation Suite (Regional Centre for Urology Skills) at Pinderfields is equipped with a number of virtual realitytb_340x227.jpg
simulators where trainees can use them to learn and familiarise themselves with various surgical procedures and hone their surgical skills.

Simulators available for use are: -

- Simbionix LAP Mentor (1)

- Simbionix URO Mentor (2)

- Simbionix TURPSim (1)

- Greenlight Laser (1)

You must have had an induction session before you can book to use the above simulators. Please use the online form to arrange an induction.

Urology courses are also run in conjunction with the Clinical Simulation Suite, details of which can be found on the Mid Yorkshire website.

Urology Simulation / Skills Lab
Postgraduate Simulation Co-ordinator
Elaine Walters
01924 543715

Simulation Fellows
01924 543722