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Study Leave

The Curriculum Delivery budget provided by HEE YH may be used for attendance at meetings, courses for clinical or technical skills, courses aimed at passing the specialty exam, courses for teaching or management. All trainees must have a valid ATLS certificate at all times during their training.


Course Organiser
Basic Fracture Course / AO Principles AO or similar
Advanced Fracture Course AO or similar
BOA Instructional Course British Orthopaedic Association
BOA Meeting X 2 per 6 years British Orthopaedic Association
Arthroscopy Course Leeds or similar
External  Fixation Course RCS in Leeds or London or Sheffield
Hands Course  
Childrens Orthopaedics Course  
Basic Arthroplasty Course Leeds Arthroplasty course or similar
Exam Revision Course Local (Harrogate or Huddersfield) or national (for example Chesterfield and Sheffield FRCS(Orth) course)


Agreement from your educational supervisor and leave administrator is required 6 weeks prior to the course.

Please note that the following will not be funded in future:

1. ATLS Instructor Course

2. Any courses or leave pertaining to gaining a diploma or higher degree

These are optional, and not part of your primary aim which is to pass the FRCS (TR/ORTH).  All funded courses should have a learning content with a specific purpose toward the exam.  Attendance at meeting such as the BOA and specialist societies meetings is encouraged and may also be funded, especially if you are presenting.  Overseas meetings and courses are judged on individual merit, and may receive a grant only.  If in doubt please ask Mr Tomlinson or Mr Ali.

Health Education England Yorkshire and the Humber Policy

Official policy on study leave