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Yorkshire and Humber

LTFT Peer Support

Facebook:  A group of volunteer admins, who are also LFT trainees, run a facebook group for all LTFT doctors.  This is a public forum inteded to offer peer support, respond to common LTFT queries and sign-post for further advice.  This group is searchable on facebook as 'LTFT Trainees Forum', and there are a series of joining questions.

WhatsApp:  There is a WhatsApp group for Yorkshire and Humber LTFT doctors.  It is intended to enable supporting each other, responding to common queries and sign posting for further advice within the region.  If anyone wishes to join this group please contact either or to request this.

The rules for participating in either of these groups are in line with all online activity: be polite, kind professional and respectful and don't post anything you wouldn't be prepared to sign.