Paediatrics Contacts & Links

Programme Support Team

The School is supported by a team of administrators based at Don Valley House, Sheffield.

First point of contact


Training Programme Directors
Location Role  Name  Email 
South ARCP Lead Sanjay Suri Sanjay.Suri@rothgen.nhs.uk
East ST4-8 rotations Elizabeth Baker elizabeth.baker@york.nhs.uk
Pan Deanery Education Lead; STEPP Vacant  
Pan Deanery Exam Lead Chakrapani Vasudevan Chakrapani.Vasudevan@bthft.nhs.uk
Pan Deanery Head of School Karin Schwarz Karin.Schwarz@cht.nhs.uk
Pan Deanery Simulation Lead Sunitha Sampath drsunithasampath@gmail.com
South South ARCP Lead; SPRAT Rum Thomas Rum.thomas@sch.nhs.uk
South ST1-3 rotations, Website Prithvi Rao prithviraj.rao@sch.nhs.uk
South ST4-8 rotations Angela Oliver angela.oliver2@nhs.net
South South; Diploma support Jessica Oldfield  jessicaoldfield@nhs.net
East ST1-3 Rotations Sanjay Gupta sanjay2.gupta@hey.nhs.uk
West ST1-3 Rotations Venkat Thiyagesh Venkat.thiyagesh@cht.nhs.uk
West ST4- ST8 West Rotations Kay Tyerman  kay.tyerman@nhs.net
West West ARCP Lead Vacant  
College Tutors

Airedale NHS Trust

Airedale General Hospital

Dr Annaliese Mawdsley


Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Barnsley Hospital

Dr Rajeev Gupta


Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Bradford Royal Infirmary

Dr Sally Pollard


Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust

Calderdale Royal Hospital

Dr Pamela Ohadike

Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Bassetlaw District General Hospital

Dr Lovlin Joseph


Doncaster Royal Infirmary

Dr Nigel Brooke


Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust

Harrogate District Hospital

Dr Shimona Basu


Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Hull Royal Infirmary

Dr Vishal Mehta


Leeds Community Healthcare Trust

Dr Arnab Seal


Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Leeds Teaching Hospitals

Dr Sean O'Riordan


Dr Talat Mushtaq


Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Dewsbury District Hospital

Dr Vijay Sharma


Pinderfields General Hospital

Dr Matthew Pye


Pinderfields General Hospital

Dr Kathryn Deakin


Northern Lincolnshire & Goole Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Diana Princess of Wales Hospital

Dr Vijaya Hebbar


Scunthorpe General Hospital

Dr Satish Shekhar


Scarborough and North East Yorkshire Health Care NHS Trust

Scarborough General Hospital

Dr Sheik Shekhar


Sheffield Children's NHS Foundation Trust

Sheffield Children's Hospital

Dr Laura Flemons


Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Jessop Wing

Dr Helen Dyson


Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

Rotherham District General Hospital

Dr Imran Bashir



York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

York Hospital

Dr Sarah Snowden


Senior Team

Head of School of Paediatrics

Dr Karin Schwarz



Deputy Postgraduate Dean

Dr David Eadington



Business Manager

Lisa Austin


Trainee Representatives

Paediatric Trainee Representatives


Trainee representation is a key element in the development and monitoring of the Paediatric Training Programme, and representatives play a valuable role in providing feedback and helping shape new initiatives.

In order to build continuity, the Paediatric School Trainee Representative will hold the role for the ST Levels they have applied to complete (i.e, ST1 - ST3).  They may of course, choose to step down from their role at any point if they wish.  If a trainee does give up their role, the Paediatric School will follow the application process to appoint a new trainee to the role. 

Please note that the posts are unpaid, honorary roles.  HEE YH is however, able to reimburse travel expenses for those Paediatric School Trainee Representatives who are required to travel to local and national meetings.  Details on how to claim reimbursement will be sent on appointment.

If you wish to contact your local Trainee Rep you will find their details below:


South Yorkshire

ST1 - ST3

Eman Azab


My name is  Eman Hassanin. I'm a ST2 Paediatric trainee at South Yorkshire. I started my career in Alexandria, Egypt, where I completed my bachelor degree and an internship. I worked in a Neonatal ICU for a brief period before arriving in the UK. Prior to starting my paediatric training in South Yorkshire in 2016, I also worked in a paediatric department over at Merseyside. 

Despite being in an early stage of my career, I have been working in several departments and seen how the same objectives can be achieved very differently. I believe that it is important to discuss ideas and suggestions for increasing the efficacy at our workplace which allows staff to spend more of their time where it matters the most. I look forward to represent the SHOs of our deanery. Do no hesitate to contact me with suggestions or other relevant matters.

Email Eman Azab

ST4 - ST5

Helen Newsome

Hi, I'm Helen and I am an ST4 in South Yorkshire. I moved to Sheffield to pursue my interest in paediatric emergency medicine after a year as an expedition doctor and undertaking the Diplomhelen_newsome_91x121.jpga in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. I started my training in the East of England and undertook my F2 in Wellington, New Zealand. It can be daunting moving to new places and I am keen to support others moving into the region.

As a proudly 'out' gay person with dyslexia, I am passionate about diversity at work. My dyslexia has meant that I have found some of the MRCPCH exams harder than most and I am very happy to share my experiences and advise others where I can. 

Email Helen Newsome


Kate Renton


“I’m Kate, and I am undertaking GRID training in Paediatric Palliative Medicine. This is based across South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire.

I have trained in South Yorkshire for almost all my training and have rotated through all the District General Hospitals in the region. As such, I believe I have a good understanding of the challenges trainees face.

I currently work full-time but have a family so I can appreciate the challenges of juggling both in an aim to achieve good work-life balance. I’m keen to be a voice for trainees in the region to try and make a difference and improve training opportunities for all.

Please get in touch if there is anything I might be able to help you with.”

Email Kate Renton


East Yorkshire

ST1 - ST3

Maddy Hover


Email Maddy Hover

ST4 - ST5

Lisa Tharby

Email Lisa Tharby


ST6 - ST8

James Houston

Email James Houston


West Yorkshire

ST1 - ST3

Aoife Hurley


"Hello I'm Aoife, currently an ST2 trainee based in West Yorkshire and level 1 representative. 

It's a difficult time to be a doctor, especially a paediatric trainee and I'm keen to work with people to find out what we can do to improve training. Whilst its part of the role, we aren't just for service provision which is often a difficult balancing act and something that can always be improved. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any thoughts, ideas or suggestions!"

Email Aoife Hurley


Monica Negoita

Hi everyone, 

I'm Monica and I'm a Paediatric ST5 trainee in West Yorkshire. 

I know we all have busy lives and we're always trying to catch up work, career aspirations, family life, sleep and/or extracurricular interests. But within that, I'd appreciate your help and all your ideas on how to make training and working in Yorkshire better, safer and happier for everyone. 

Please email me any thoughts or questions and I'll present them to the Deanery as best as I can. You can use: dr.negoita.monica@gmail.com or monica.negoita@nhs.net

Or just talk to me at work or MedSci or any venue you can find me. I will not know all the answers, but I'll try and find them for you. 

Best wishes, 


Email Monica Negoita 

ST6 - ST8

Bilal Manzoor

I am a level 3 trainee working in West Yorkshire. I have worked in district as well as teaching hospitals across Yorkshire and Humber region, during this journey I spoke to many of my fellow junior doctors and realised the need for a change in the way how we communicate with the deanery. I have put myself forward as a trainee representative to bring about this change.

I hope to be able to represent the views of my fellow trainees and help to improve the paediatric trainee experience in Yorkshire.

Email Bilal Manzoor

Regional Advisors
Medical Staffing Departments

Airedale NHS Trust

Jack Lewis

01535 294420



Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Lindsay Storey

01226 730000 



Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Alyson Coatesworth

01274 365438



Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust

Jackie Goodwin

01484 355028



Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Sue Michael

01302 553 255



Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust

Andrea Richardson

01423 553791



Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Joey Robson

01482 674067



Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Jenn Scrivener

0113 206 4063



Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Becky Turner

01924 543643



North Lincolnshire & Goole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Laura Anderson

01472 874111 ext 7164



Sheffield Children's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Lead employer for all Paediatrics trainees working in South Yorkshire

0114 2717207




Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Melanie Blanchard

0114  2711791




York Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Georgina Michulitis

01723 342580


Rota Coordinators

Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust

Harrogate District Hospital

Rota Co-ordinator - Emma Oxtoby - Emma.Oxtoby@hdft.nhs.uk


York Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Scarborough Hospital

Rota Co-ordinator - Kath.Smith@york.nhs.uk


Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

General Paediatrics - Vikas Gupta (ST1 - ST8) - Vikas.Gupta@hey.nhs.uk

Neonatal Unit

ST1 - ST3 - Kathryn Green -  Kathryn.Green@hey.nhs.uk

ST4 + - Joanna Preece - Joanna.Preece@hey.nhs.uk    


North Lincolnshire & Goole NHS Foundation Trust

Scunthorpe Genereral Hospital

Amy Tuplin - Rota Coordinator

Email: Amy.tuplin@nhs.net  Tel: 03033 305903 / 03033 306999


The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Pinderfields Hospital

Louise Stainburn - Temporary Medical Staffing Rota Co-ordinator - Louise.Stainburn@midyorks.nhs.uk


Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

General Paediatrics

Sally Pollard - Sally.Pollard@bthft.nhs.uk

Neonatal Unit

Sam Oddie - Sam.Oddie@bthft.nhs.uk

CDC/Community Registrar (Daytime Issues)

Stella Yeung - Stella.Yeung@bthft.nhs.uk


Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust

ST1 - ST8 - Ellis Moss - ellis.moss@cht.nhs.uk


Airedale NHS Foundation Trust

Rota Co-ordinator - Paula Beadle - Paula.beadle@anhst.nhs.uk


Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Neonatal Service

ST4+ - Kathryn Johnson - kathrynjohnson1@nhs.net

ST1 - ST3 - Lawrence Miall - l.miall@nhs.net

Deployment Team - leedsth-tr.LGIDeployment@nhs.net


Sheffield Childrens Hospital

General Paediatrics

ST1 - ST3 - Lucy Hinds - lucy.hinds@sch.nhs.uk

ST4 - ST8 - Astha Soni - asthma.soni@sch.nhs.uk


Lara Jackman - lara.jackman1@nhs.net


Michelle Horridge - Michelle.Horridge@sch.nhs.uk 

Elizabeth Gavens - e.gavens@nhs.net


Dr Fatemah Rajah - Fatemah.rajah@sch.nhs.uk


Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Jessops Hospital

Dr Porus Bustani - Porus.bustani@sth.nhs.uk


Doncaster & Bassetlaw NHS Foundation Trust

Doncaster Royal Infirmary

ST1 - ST3 Rota Co-ordinator - Nigel.Brooke@dbh.nhs.uk

ST4 - ST8 Rota Co-ordinator - Nagendra.Rao@dbh.nhs.uk

Bassetlaw Hospital

ST1 - ST3 Co-ordinator - lovlin.joseph@dbh.nhs.uk

Overall Rota Co-ordinator - Susan.Tutar@dbh.nhs.uk


Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

Rotherham District General Hospital

Dr Eisawl Nagmeldin - eisawl.nagmeldin@nhs.net


Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Barnsley Hospital

Stacey Elsworth - Stacey.elsworth@nhs.net (Medical Staffing)