Workforce, training and education
Yorkshire and Humber

Assessment & Appraisal.

All trainees will be expected to take part in regular educational appraisals. The RCPCH publish recommendations in relation to the type of assessments and appraisals which all trainees will have to complete each year.

Educational Supervisors will be allocated at the beginning of each post and will be responsible to make sure that all assessments and appraisals are completed during their placement. Specialty Trainees will be expected to meet regularly with their Educational Supervisor and to complete appraisal forms, as well as regular review of portfolios. Details of competencies required to progress through the training programme can be found on the RCPCH website.

Applications for study leave may be made by completion of HEYH's study leave form. See the policies section for more information.

The School of Paediatrics has worked hard to develop and maintain the day release protected teaching time across the region. This is available from ST1 to ST5 and utilises a significant amount of the study leave allocation. Numerous external and internal reviews have consistently demonstrated that the doctors on the rotation would prefer to have the day release structure rather than being allowed to take their own ad hoc study leave. Any additional study leave is directed to support doctors with specific needs and courses specified within their personal learning plans.