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Although many questions can be answered by your Clinical or Educational Supervisors, Training Programme Directors or local hospital staff, sometimes you'll need further advise or help. The following may be helpful:

HEE's Medicine Inbox - - for general support, help with who to contact for specific questions and ePortfolio support.

Steve Bianchi (Head of School of Medicine) - - for help with questions you're not getting answered elsewhere or to raise specific concerns.


Training Programme Directors - Contact Details


Specialty Region Role Name Email contact
Acute Internal Medicine East  TPD Eirini Kasfiki-Kelly
  West TPD  Sunil Kumar
  South TPD  Siriram Akula
Cardiology East  TPD  Ali Ali
  West  TPD Robert Sapsford
  South TPD  Justin Lee
  East  Deputy TPD Imran Ahmad
  West  Deputy TPD Jivendra Gosai
  South Deputy TPD Dwayne Conway

Clinical Genetics

Pan Deanery TPD  Emma Hobson
Clinical Neurophysiology Pan Deanery TPD Taimour Alam 
Clinical Oncology East & West TPD Michael Flatley 
  South TPD Tathagata Das 
Dermatology East/West TPD Rachel Montgomery
  South TPD  Preeti Athavale
Diabetes & Endocrinology East TPD Mo Aye
  West TPD Afroze Abbas
  South TPD Alia Munir
Gastroenterology East TPD Andrew Nelson
  West TPD Matthew Huggett
  South TPD Sampath Kumar
General Internal Medicine        
  East TPD Sega Pathmanathan
  East & West TPD Vacant  
  West TPD Joe Hogg;
Genitourinary Medicine East & West TPD Sarah Schoeman
  South TPD Hannah Loftus
Geriatrics East TPD TBC  
  West DTPD Charlie Wilkinson
  West TPD Gillian Fox
  South TPD Victoria Barradell 
  South TPD Philippa May
Haematology East & West TPD Mary Owen

  East & West DTPD Jennifer Shields
  South TPD Clare Samuelson
Immunology Pan Deanery TPD  Anna Shrimpton
Infectious Diseases East & South TPD Anne Tunbridge
  West  TPD Kate Adams
Internal Medicine South TPD Omar Pirzada
  East-   TPD

Sathish Kallankara
  West TPD Tarun Bansal
  East- Deputy TPDs

Dejene Shiferaw IM1

Shiva Mongalu  IM2

Emma Pinder  IM3

  South Deputy TPDs

Rekha Ramanath  IM1

Alice Tipton  IM2

Elizabeth Uchegbu IM3




 Rangaprasad Karadi IM1

 Katherine Hall    IM2

 Helen Ford  IM3

  Pan Deanery IM Quality Improvement Lead Tun Aung
Medical Oncology East & West TPD Daniel Lee
  South TPD Suzanne Darby
Neurology East & West  TPD Alastair Lansbury
  South TPD Sian Price
Occupational Med Pan Deanery TPD Prosenjit Giri 
Paediatric Cardiology Pan Deanery TPD  Dominic Hares 
Palliative Medicine Pan Deanery TPD  Samuel Kyeremateng
  Pan Deanery Deputy TPD Hannah Zacharias
Rehabilitation Medicine Pan Deanery TPD  Matthew Smith
Renal Medicine        
  NEWY TPD Elizabeth Garthwaite 
  South TPD Ragada El-Damanawi
Respiratory  East TPD Anoop Prakash
  West  TPD Sam Roberts
  South TPD Sriram Iyer
Rheumatology East & West TPD Shouvik Dass
  East & West TPD Cathy Lawson
  South TPD Rakesh Kumari
Sports & Exercise Pan Deanery TPD Dane Vishnubala
Stroke Medicine Pan Deanery TPD Vacant