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Endocrinology and diabetes is a broad ranging subject and therefore an enticing one for trainees and consultants alike since it encompasses basic mechanisms of physiology and pharmacology coupled with the ability to improve quality of life and long-term outcomes through effective disease control, and often cure. Endocrine and metabolic diseases are some of the most commonly encountered ones in the UK population, and are increasing in prevalence and impact in terms of health of the nation, emphasising the need to continue to strive towards improved health care delivery in our speciality. Endocrine diseases and diabetes affect every physiological system of the body determining that our specialists enjoy a wide range of skills and expertise and make a major contribution to general medicine in its broadest sense.

The speciality has something to offer for everyone. Historically, endocrinology and diabetes have been at the forefront of both basic science and clinical research determining that much of what we do has a strong evidence base. Every trainee and specialist has the opportunity to contribute further to that growing evidence base, which has led to so many innovations in recent years. There are many common conditions we help to manage, and in doing so we work closely with many different multiprofessional colleagues. Particular intellectual stimulation arises because many of the diseases we encounter are uncommon ones, presenting special diagnostic and therapeutic challenges. A broad training in endocrinology and diabetes provides the basis for progression to specialist posts in a wide range of settings from the smaller hospital to the large tertiary referral centre, from the community base to the University academic department. 

Our SAC has a long track record of successful delivery of training and education to trainees in our speciality. The SAC itself reflects a broad range of expertise, including input from the major specialist societies (The Society for Endocrinology and Diabetes UK) and input from trainees. The SAC has faced many recent challenges in these changing times but has striven with enthusiasm to maintain its high standards in terms of curriculum development and development of appropriate assessment tools.

The new Specialty Training curriculum, previously updated in 2003, has now been re-designed in the context of MMC and to meet the requirements of the GMC and to reflect on-going developments in our speciality. The SAC regards it as a “living” document which will be subject to regular review and revision as the speciality develops along with its trainees. 

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Further information on the specialty

For further information on the specialty and on the curriculum covered, can be found on the JRCPTB site.


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