Specialty Information

Acute Internal Medicine (AIM) is concerned with the assessment, diagnosis and management of adults presenting to secondary care with acute medical illness. There is a broad spectrum of clinical work within the specialty and trainees will acquire competencies relevant to:

  • the prompt practical management of acute presentation of medical illness
  • the management of medical patients in an in-patient setting
  • the development of new patient pathways to maximise safe, effective care in the community where feasible
  • the provision of leadership skills within an acute medical unit
  • the development of multi-professional systems to promote optimal patient care
  • the care of patients requiring more intensive levels of care than would be generally managed in a medical ward. These competencies are generally acquired from experience within a critical care unit. 

All trainees will spend at least 4 months in:

  • Intensive Care Medicine
  • Cardiovascular Medicine
  • Respiratory Medicine
  • Geriatric Medicine

All trainees in AIM must develop a specialist skill. These generally fall into one of four categories:

  • Procedural skill (eg: echocardiography)
  • Additional qualification (eg: medical education)
  • Speciality interest (eg: intensive care medicine)
  • Research

If you train in AIM you will learn:

  • Clinical skills: the immediate management, stabilisation and initial treatment of all general medical emergencies
  • Education skills: there is a strong emphasis on becoming skilled in helping others learn
  • Academic skills: there is lots of opportunity for audit, clinical or safety and service provision research
  • Management and leadership skills: these are a emphasised in your AMU posts

Do Acute Internal Medicine if you:

  • Like a wide variety of ‘hands on’ clinical work
  • Enjoy the challenge of sick patients
  • Want to get people home quickly and safely
  • Fancy the flexibility of a sessional job in the future
  • Would like to develop a special interest in – anything

For more information, visit the Society for Acute Medicine and takeAIM

Entry to Acute Internal Medicine

Entry into Acute Internal Medicine training is possible following successful completion of both a Foundation Programme and a Core Training Programme.

Core Training Programmes

There are two core training programmes in Acute Internal Medicine;

Core Medical Training (CMT)

Acute Care Common Stem