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Less Than Full Time Training (LTFTT)

Applications for LTFTT are welcomed within the School of Medicine and Health Education England Yorkshire and the Humber offers support to all trainees who for well-founded individual reasons wish to be considered for LTFTT in any medical specialty or grade.

We have taken a nationally leading proactive approach towards encouraging LTFT applications but also in supporting trainees in getting their requested %Whole Time Equivalent (%WTE) at either 50, 60 or 80% approved. The School of Medicine in Yorkshire and the Humber (which incorporates CMT as well as further specialty medical training) has produced guidance for both trainees and TPDs regarding this below.

Specifically for Core Medical Trainees we have a LTFT WhatsApp group for regional advice and support available to those both working on considering working LTFT. To join, either ask an existing LTFT IMT who may be able to add you or contact Sara Page, a trainee on the group.

You may also find our returning to training page useful.   

LTFT Workshops

LTFTT Workshops are a great opportunity to meet fellow LTFTT applicants and hear from APDs, TPDs, the LTFTT administration team and current LTFTT trainees! Trainees from all of Yorkshire and the Humber are invited to attend any of the LTFT Workshops within the region.

Feedback from previous workshops:

  • 'Very good. Wish I had the opportunity to attend a workshop like this years ago!' - October 2015

  • 'Very useful in understanding how everything works.' June 2015

  • 'Nice, friendly, relaxed and enjoyable.'  November 2014.

  • 'Comprehensive, positive and honest approach to LTFT training.' November 2014

  • 'Felt supported after attending the workshop.'  May 2014.

  • 'Very useful and informative day.  All of my questions answered.'  May 2013.

LTFT Trainee Experiences

Sara Page, Core Medical Trainee

“I have found being a LTFT core medical trainee a challenging, but positive experience.  I remain passionate about medicine and I am pleased to have the opportunity to spend time with my family and continue my training.”

Please email Sara if you would like to ask her more about her experience of LTFT training in CMT.

Alenka Brooks, Consultant in Gastroenterology.

“I was a LTFTT for most of my Specialist Registrar Training in Gastroenterology.  I have received support during this time to fulfil my potential from HEEYH and training centres.  The challenges I have faced in the process have provided me with leadership and innovation opportunities as a trainee, which have been invaluable to my professional development.”

Please email Alenka If you would like to ask her more about her experience of LTFT training.

Jane Cunningham, Specialty Registrar in Infectious Diseases and Microbiology.

“I have completed most of my registrar training LTFT and have found it both challenging and rewarding. It is essential that we support and develop those in flexible training to achieve their potential.”

Rachel Foster, Consultant in Infectious Diseases and Acute Medicine.

“I felt privileged to be able to continue my training in a competitive career less than full-time, and to spend time with my children. Doing it during training was ideal, as there was the security of a training post to go back to. It presented challenges, but also opportunities, and was better supported than is the case for women in many other professions.”

Julia Greig, Consultant in Infectious Diseases

"Training in Infectious Diseases part time enabled me to continue training and working in a job that I really enjoyed and also have time for my family. I have now been an ID consultant now for 12 years, something I think I would have struggled to achieve without the chance to train part time."

Useful Links and Resources

General Medical Council 

NHS Employers

British Medical Association

Medical Womens Federation

Health Careers

Sheffield Supporting Women In Medicine (SWiM)

  • Great website that also provides a mentoring scheme.  Contact details can be found on the website

Useful Reading

So you want to be a medical mum? (Success in Medicine) 

Dr Emma Hill (ISBN 0199237581)

Applying for LTFTT

The HEE LTFT policies section of this website and our own guidance documents (below) may answer many of your questions.

If you're an IM Trainee and considering LTFTT, consider joining the whatsapp group (details above) and asking for advice there.


Contact Details

A few people who've personal experience of LTFTT have provided contact details in the section above and are happy for you to contact them to discuss things further.