LTFT Workshops

A great opportunity to meet fellow LTFTT applicants and hear from APDs, TPDs, the LTFTT administration team and current LTFTT trainees! Trainees from all of Yorkshire and the Humber are invited to attend any of the LTFT Workshops within the region.

'Really good session, informative and provided lots of information.' - March 2021

'A good overview on how to go LTFT and some of the pros and cons' - March 2021

'Really nice to meet the team and know who to contact when applying for LTFT.  Also following starting maternity leave in Covid it was helpful to learn more bout SuppoRTT and how this works.' - March 2021

'Feel I am armed with knowledge, and have an action plan - thanks!' - May 2019

'Lots of helpful signposting to resources and highlighting areas to read about.' - May 2019

'Many new guidance / Support lines discussed' - May 2019


Upcoming Workshops 2021

Foundation Flexible Working Workshop Monday 14th June 2021 12:00pm - 15:30pm 

Virtual Meeting Via Microsoft Teams 

Please email the to register your interest