The Bradford GP Training Scheme is known for its innovative training programme, wide range of educational opportunities and personalised support, giving GP trainees in Bradford a varied, holistic and memorable training experince. We are known for being a well run, approachable and friendly training scheme with an enthusiastic and innovative Training Programme Team who are focussed on supporting you through your learning journey. If you're new to the Bradford training scheme you will ahve the opportunity to meet the training programme directors at the two day New Trainee Induction at the Midland Hotel.


We offer a wide range of learning opportunities in different settings tailored around you, the adult learner. The programme includes our varied and interactive Half Day Release (HDR) programme, separate topic based Wednesday Lunchtime Tutorials (WLT) and locally developed and run Modular Day Courses (MDC) providing a bespoke learning resource to help on your journey to you becoming a confident and completent GP.  


Our affiliated training practices are based across the city serving a varied demographic of patients. As a trainee you will have the opportuinity to consulting in an environment with patients from inner city and rural areas, from a range of ethnic/social backgrounds, who speak a host of different languages giving you the opportunity to ideal experience of working as a GP trainee in a truly diverse and stimulating landscape. Our programme offers a wide range of training posts across the city’s well respected Teaching Hospitals, District Care Trust and Hospices.


Bradford as a city is rich in innovation and diversity. Its districts boast invigorating natural beauty, fascinating heritage and an amazing mix of cultures and languages.  Whether you want to spend your afternoon in Bradford's own Alhambra Theatre, shop in the new Broadway Shopping Complex or simply catch a movie at Bradford's IMAX cinema , theres something to do for everyone. 

For those of you wishing to escape the city life, the magnificent  surrounding countryside is just touching distance away. For more information on Bradford please visit https://www.visitbradford.com