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Geriatric Medicine
Infectious Diseases
Obstetrics & Gynaecology 
Paediatrics Emergency Department
Palliative Medicine
Psychiatry – Community and Old Age
Respiratory Medicine
Spinal Injuries/ Rehabilitation Medicine
Stroke Medicine Paediatrics
Trauma & Orthopaedics

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Sue Gumley

Sheffield GP Specialty Training Programme Administrator


Sarah Cuckson

Sheffield GP Specialty Training Programme Administrator



Sheffield is a magnificent place to explore history and innovation. The steel works were world famous and there is much dedicated to this. The Sheffield area has an abundance of rich heritage, gardens and open spaces, bustling nightlife and cultural events, sports and outdoor activities along with traditional rural villages and market towns. If you enjoy the outdoors Sheffield offers a gateway to the Peak District National Park, to Pennine Yorkshire and the TransPennine Trail cuts right across the region.  Sheffield is also home to award winning Galleries, live comedy clubs, nightclubs and music venues.

Half Day Release

Attendance at the Day or Half Day Release training is expected of all trainees. Reasons for absence must be notified to the GPSTP Office and the relevant Programme Director(s) as soon as possible. You are required to attend a minimum of 80% of the total number of expected sessions in any training period.

Participation is expected in the release programme. It is understood that not all members of the programme will participate in the same way, but avoidance of involvement is not compatible with effective learning on the programme and will be discussed.

Locum Work

Registrars are generally advised not to undertake any Locum work whilst they are in training. This is a training programme, and time needs to be spent on study. Some registrars need extra support during their training, and some need extensions to their time in practice, notably if they fail MRCGP. Any registrar who does locum work in addition to their normal post may no longer be eligible for an extension to their training for whatever reason.

However if a trainee thinks that doing locum work will not compromise their training and the trainee is making satisfactory progress then they can choose to do this. Their Clinical Supervisor, ES and the GPSTP office should be informed. They should also inform their employer: trust if in hospital post, GP trainer if in practice.

The trainee should ensure that the additional work must not put them in breach of EWTD either the total hours or rest time regulations.


Three year training programmes comprise 18 months in General Practice (6 months in ST1 or ST2 and 12 months in ST3) and 18 months in Hospital based training posts, with a mix of 4 and 6 months duration.

The half day or day release Teaching Programme provides an opportunity to meet and learn with peers in a supportive and friendly environment and keep the focus of learning relevant for the trainee’s future career in General Practice.

Training Programmes

Alteration to Programmes

Acceptance of a place on the programme is acceptance of a 3 year training programme.
It may be necessary to alter the individual posts offered on an individual programme as post availability and the rules related to certification and approval of posts change. We will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate individual needs and preferences but it may not be possible to meet all such requests.


The programme has a high percentage or people on Less Than Full time Training (LTFTT) programmes. If your circumstances change and you wonder if you need to change to LTFTT you should initially discuss this with your Educational Supervisor and the Scheme Coordinator. To apply, please follow the HEE YH LTFT policy. 

The timing and availability of LTFT hospital posts is outside the control of the programme and occasionally there may be gaps between these. Slot shares of vacant full time hospital posts will be arranged for LTFT trainees.

Failure to take up a Post/Resignation from the Programme

Failure to take up or resignation from an individual post on the training rotation is effectively resignation from the programme as a whole.
Applicants who have previously completed part of a UK GP training programme/GP training programmeand resigned or been released will not be considered unless in extraordinary circumstances and they have a letter of support from either the PG Dean or GP Director of the Deanery in which they worked.
Unpaid time out of programme is possible and requires the approval of the Postgraduate Dean. This needs to be planned well in advance and applications must be submitted 12 months in advance - full information is available at