BMA Suggested Framework for a Written Contract

The General Practitioners Committee (GPC) together with colleagues from BMA regional services prepared a model contract of employment for GP trainees based upon a document originally produced by Wessex Local Medical Committees (LMCs). The contract specifies the duties and responsibilities of the trainer and trainee, as well as giving an outline of what a handbook of terms and conditions of service for GP registrars might contain.

It is essential to a GP trainee's employment protection that they receive a written statement of their terms and conditions of service when they start work. The GP trainer is legally obliged to issue a contact within 8 weeks of the GP trainee joining the practice and should therefore be reminded to do this if one is not automatically provided. It is also important that the contract is acceptable to the GP trainee as, once signed, the contents are binding and it may be impossible to make changes. The model contract can be varied however, as long as variations are agreed and freely entered into by both parties. All insertions and alterations made in the agreement should be initialled by both parties at the end of each such insertion or alteration. If amendments are made to the model contract, BMA members should seek advice from their BMA local office and non-members, the advice of a solicitor.

As this documentation is revised from time to time by the BMA, please visit the BMA website to access the latest documentation, which can be downloaded from the following webpage (Contract for GP Trainees):

Mileage Allowance

What mileage can be claimed?
On the 2002 contract, GP trainees are able to claim for mileage they would not otherwise had covered had their vehicle not been required for business use. This means that when their vehicle is required on an official journey that day, trainees may claim the business mileage incurred, plus the home to practice base return journey up to a maximum of 10 miles each way. 

Trainees may also claim when their vehicle is used to attend a training course or day release, but only the excess mileage above that covered on their normal home to base return mileage

Trainees on the 2016 contract, can claim via the guidance below;

The claim form can be downloaded via the link at the bottom of this page.

Note - claims should be submitted monthly for reimbursement - claims over 3 months old will not be reimbursed.

Further information is available from the following link: