Scheme Meetings

Scheme Forum Meetings

These meetings are held twice a year in June and November on a Thursday afternoon and all Registrars are encouraged to attend. The meeting commences at 2:00pm and is preceded by a 'Bring and share' lunch. The format is designed to enable the Programme Directors to hear what current concerns are and, where necessary, to provide information to all the trainees.

Trainers' Workshops

Each trainer is allocated to one of 5 trainers' workshops, which meet monthly with the main aim being to support the training and development of the trainers.

There is a New Trainers Workshop which meets bi-monthly and focuses on issues relevant to GPs in the process of being approved as GP trainers.

Twice a year there is a trainers┬┤ plenary which provides an opportunity for the Programme Directors to get feedback from the trainers, and for the trainers to learn about new developments relating to GP training.

Programme Director Meetings

The Programme Directors meet monthly to manage day-to-day issues and implement changes as required. Twice a year the Programme Directors meet for a full or half day.