ST1 and ST2 year

During your hospital placements in your ST1 and 2 years you will be required to attend full day teaching sessions on a Thursday. There are approximately 23 teaching dates throughout the year, plus the Annual Conference .

Attendance requirements for the various different specialties for full-time trainees are as follows:

Attendance in 4 months Post

Palliative Care (St Luke's Hospice), O&G, GUM, A&E, Paeds - 4 dates during the 4 months because of the intensive in-house teaching programme in these departments.

All other specialties - 6 dates in 4 months.

Attendance in 6 months Post

Paeds A&E, O&G and A&E - 6 dates in 6 months.
All other specialties - 10 dates in 6 months.

The above numbers are minimum requirements - all the departments/rota organisers are aware of these and should allow for them in the rota. If the rota allows, it is possible for you to attend more dates than the minimum numbers quoted.

If you attend one of the Scheme-approved courses and this falls on a teaching date, this will count towards your required attendance.

Allowance is made for sick/annual leave so the minimum acceptable attendance in all specialties is 80% of the above minimum numbers:

80% of 4 dates = 3 dates
80% of 6 dates = 5 dates
80% of 10 dates = 8 dates

New to Hospital Induction Day

Those of you who start your training in a hospital post must attend a mandatory induction day these are held in August/Sept of each year. There are 2 dates available and departments/rota organisers will be advised of the dae to which you have been allocated. It is important therefore that you let Sue at the GPSTP Office know if you have any annual leave planned in August/September.


Format of Teaching Sessions

The day starts at 9:00am and ends at 4:30pm. There are 4 sessions during the day and these are largely trainee facilitated, often in pairs or 3's - the trainees are required to identify resources and prepare presentations for the sessions, sometimes using external speakers. The Programme Directors try to set a broad theme for the session. The focus is primary care, some sessions are based on a clinical topic, others deal with management issues, complaints, journal club, promoting health, a wide curriculum.

At the end of the morning the group splits into 3 reflective groups to discuss cases and issues affecting your work.

There is a hot topics slot during the afternoon dealing with current issues facing general practice.

The days are very rewarding, inspiring and generally good fun.

The scheme runs several courses as part of the timetable - ENT, child protection, 'Do you speak English', Dermatology and musculoskeletal medicine courses. All of these courses except the Dermatology take place on a teaching date and there is usually no other teaching on these days.

If you apply for study leave to undertake a course, please apply to your hospital department using the Scheme's study leave request form - plese refer to the full Study Leave Guidance document available in Courses section of the website via the See Also link opposite.

The timetable for the ST1/2 group sessions (currently listed as Hospital Group timetable) is available via the link opposite.

The Calendar of Events available via the link opposite is a quick means of finding out on what date teaching sessions take place and also the teaching venue.

Presentations at Teaching Sessions

You will be expected to co-facilitate 2 sessions during the year if you are in hospital posts for the full 12 months, or 1 sessions if you are in a GP placement for 6 months. You will be asked to volunteer for sessions that you are rota'd to attend, but if you do not volunteer, you will be automatically allocated to sessions by Sue.

Please let Sue at the GPSTP office know the dates you are rota'd to attend training sessions as soon as you are notified by your rota organiser.