Prior to commecing in your training programme, you will receive an email from the GMC highlighting the professional responsibility that you have to ensure you are indemnified for your full scope of practice as a doctor. As a reminder, their guidance on this is here.

HEE will reimburse you for costs incurred to indemnify yourself for work and activities related to GP training - in other words your GP training posts. Whilst in hospital posts you are covered by the clinical negligence scheme for trusts (CNST) and whilst in GP by the clinical negligence scheme for GPs (CNSGP). This cover relates to clinical negligence only and you should take advice from your medical defence organisation (MDO) about how to cover the full scope of your practice as a Doctor. Certain community and non-NHS placements, in hospices or public health for example, are not covered by CNST or CNSGP, so you should again take advice from your employer - who may have a policy already - and MDO to ensure you are fully indemnified.

As a reminder, HEE will reimburse any indemnity costs you have personally paid in order to satisfy your full scope of practice, which are not otherwise covered by either the CNST or CNSGP. However, HEE will not reimburse indemnity for activities you undertake as a medical practitioner that do not relate to your GP training.


Instructions for submitting a claim for Indemnity reimbursement

You will need to purchase the indemnity cover in advance. You may then immediately claim reimbursement of your indemnity for the upcoming year, excluding costs covered under the Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts (CNST) and cover provided by the Clinical Negligence Scheme for GPs (CNSGP).

Prior to commecing in your training programme, you will be sent a claim form to complete and return.