International Medical Graduates

In our region, we are lucky enough to enjoy the benefits of a diverse population of GP trainees drawn from all over the world. As educators we also know that this group face considerable challenges in understanding the culture and language of a new country and in engaging with the GP Curriculum.

Every February and August the GP School runs an Enhanced Induction for IMG's begining their GP Training, if you would like more information on the Enhanced Induction please click here.

For more resources please see below.

Click the link to the social integration page for information on a place to live, council tax, driving licences and much more.

For further suppport there are a number of groups for doctors, one of which is for Nigerian GP's in the UK, click here to view the website.


There is an eLearning for Healthcare module that may be useful, Induction for International Doctors.

The below are documents which may be helpful for Trainees:

Passing the CSA

How I passed the CSA having failed It

For Trainers:

Educational possibilities arising from IMG curriculum evaluation

Learning from a trainee who had problems

Enhanced Induction

The Enhanced Induction has been developed by our Performance Team for any trainee who graduated Medical School outside the UK. 

It is a two day course and the attendance is mandatory if you have been invited.

Day 1 - Practicalities of working as GP in the NHS

Topics covered will include:

  • the NHS, how it works and your role
  • trust and being a doctor
  • the GP as gatekeeper
  • how is the NHS funded
  • the multi-disciplinary primary care team and where you fit in
  • how do patients access their GP
  • the role of the receptionist, pharmacist, midwife, district nurse
  • record keeping
  • results and referrals
  • a virtual patient journey


Day 2 – Workshop Based

Topics covered will include:

  • Life as an IMG trainee
  • Integrating in the NHS and the UK
  • Communication skills –consulting like a GP
  • Linguistics – the Yorkshire language and culture
  • Wisdom and Pitfalls – shared learning from trainees’ experience over the years.