Recruitment to General Practice


Why train for General Practice in Yorkshire and the Humber?

For the last four years, almost all doctors selected for General Practice training who wanted to work in Yorkshire and the Humber have been able to. Our competition ratios for selection are good – we were able to offer 320 rotations in 2014.

Every year we will be in a position to offer rotations which commence in February as well as August.

Although Yorkshire and the Humber covers a large region, successful applicants have lots of choice in where they want to train. In 2013, 80% received a rotation in the top third of their choices.

We give priority to successful applicants with strong reasons to work in a particular place –‘Personal and Educational Needs Allocation’ Policy. (see Resources section).

Rotations are offered in accordance with Selection Centre scores tempered by personal and educational needs.

We are one of the few localities that offer you a full choice of all the training rotations available – most only offer a place on a training programme – so in Y&H, you can pick which jobs you would prefer to do.

We have a good track record in providing training to International Medical Graduates (IMGs) – approximately 35% in 2013. Yorkshire and the Humber GP trainees consistently score highly in the AKT and CSA components of the MRCGP exam and Yorkshire and the Humber IMGs score much higher than most other localities.

Employment prospects for GPs are great in Yorkshire and the Humber – a high proportion of our trainees obtain employment in the locality where they trained.

Taking time out of programme to work abroad for a year is encouraged after ST2. We have developed a portfolio of choices and in 2015 GPST2s worked in Wanganui in the North Island of New Zealand. Please click here for further information about Out of Programme Experiences for Yorkshire and the Humber.

Taster Days

Not all doctors who are thinking about a career in General Practice get to try it out for themselves in their FY2 year before the Recruitment round starts in November.

If you are in your Foundation years and you are wondering about choosing General Practice as a career don’t forget that you can always ask to try out a ‘taster day’ to see what a day in the life of a GP is like. Talk to your Foundation School about this and they will put you in touch with a local GP Training Programme.

Important Notice to Candidates

Sorry to introduce a more sombre note, but it is unfair to other candidates, the employers, and ultimately our patients if the recruitment process is misused in any way. It is the policy of Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber to write to the candidate’s referees and to the GMC Fitness to Practise Panel if acceptance for training is withdrawn without good reason less than four weeks before the post start date in August.

In a number of cases that have been referred, the GMC have issued a formal warning to the doctor.


Considering a career in General Practice?

Personal and Educational Needs Allocation Policy 

Exciting career opportunities post CCT: Humber Coast & Vale General Practice – A Place of Opportunity

GP Recruitment

Please see our pages for details about the process, vacancy numbers and for the links for how to apply.

View the Complaints Policy.


For GP recruitment First round 2017 the Health Education England TER Payments are distributed between four programmes - Scarborough, Hull, Northern Lincolnshire and Doncaster. Because there are only a few rotations with TER Payments in each programme access to these TER Payments will be competitive, depending on scores at recruitment.

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