Medical Defence Subscriptions.

The Medical Protection Society (MPS), Medical Defence Union (MDU) and Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland  are the main “defence organisations” which provide indemnity for doctors, dentists and healthcare professionals.

Whilst in hospital placements you should seek advice from your defence organisation on the appropriate level of indemnity required of GP trainees in hospital placements.

GP trainees are not protected by NHS indemnity when they are employed by a Practice. It is therefore recommended that GP trainees obtain a subscription, to provide indemnity and access to support and advice services.

Whilst working in a General Practice post, GP trainees are entitled to reimbursement for their /defence organisation subscription fees. Trainees must submit a claim within 3 months of costs being incurred; requests received outside this timeframe will only be considered in exceptional circumstances. Claims must be submitted to the Trainee’s employing practice, who will pay the Trainee and request reimbursement from the Local Area Team.