The West Yorkshire team are based in Leeds and are responsible for General Practice Training in West Yorkshire.


Programme & Support Team

Please direct enquiries to the the relevant scheme contact listed under 'Administration Contacts' below:

ARCP and Curriculum Delivery:

  • Organisation of ARCPs and Appeals
  • Evaluation of ARCP outcomes and compliance with operational guidance
  • Organisation of School events, conferences
  • Knowledge of 'Technology Enhanced Learning' platforms
  • Curriculum Delivery Budget management
  • Curriculum Delivery Non-trainee claims/invoicing



GP Professional Support:

  • Remedial courses/resources
  • Monitoring long-term sickness
  • Performance management
  • Neurodiversity
  • Differential Attainment Programme
  • International Graduate mentoring
  • International Graduate Induction & Study days
  • Enhanced Trainer Grants
  • Signpost to HEE resources
  • TERs Applications



GP Placements and Training Pathways:

  • Rotation management
  • Evaluation of Code of Practice compliance
  • ePortfolio placement management
  • Recruitment vacancy collation
  • Support future workforce/post planning
  • Out of Programme applications
  • Inter & Intra Deanery Transfers
  • Supernumerary requests
  • Validation of salary returns
  • Trainer Grant calculations




GP Exam Support

  • Enhanced AKT Courses
  • Enhanced RCA Courses
  • RCA Support
  • AKT Support



GP Form R’s:

  • Completion of Form R’s Part A


GP Retention Scheme


GP I & R Scheme



  • LTFT applications





Assessment are held at various dates throughout the year and you will be allocated to a panel that you need. You will be notified 12 weeks in advance of the panel. If you have any queries, please liaise with your supervisors/TPD's

Administration Contacts

Please click to contact:

Scheme Role Forename Surname Contact Email
Airedale Scheme Co-ordinator Salma Begum gpscheme.airedale@hee.nhs.uk
Bradford Scheme Co-ordinator Sania Sahgal gpscheme.bradford@hee.nhs.uk
HoY Scheme Co-ordinator Joyce Yates gpscheme.hoy@hee.nhs.uk
HoY Scheme Co-ordinator Margaret Morley gpscheme.hoy@hee.nhs.uk
Leeds Scheme Co-ordinator Jasia Little gpscheme.leeds@hee.nhs.uk
Pennine Scheme Co-ordinator Omar Khatab gpscheme.pennine@hee.nhs.uk
Training Programme Directors
Scheme Forename Surname Email
Airedale Lincoln Jowett Lincoln.Jowett@hee.nhs.uk
Airedale Anna Woodhams Anna.Woodhams@hee.nhs.uk
Airedale Abi Howgego Abi.Howgego@hee.nhs.uk
Bradford Helen Moor Helen.Moor@hee.nhs.uk
Bradford Hasna Begum Hasna.begum@hee.nhs.uk
Bradford Lucy Clark Lucy.Clark@hee.nhs.uk
Bradford Abid Iqbal Abid.Iqbal@hee.nhs.uk
Bradford Gareth James Gareth.James@hee.nhs.uk
Bradford Jess Keeble Jess.Keeble@hee.nhs.uk
Heart of Yorkshire Paul Carrotte paul.carrotte@hee.nhs.uk
Heart of Yorkshire Liz Stonell Elizabeth.Stonell@hee.nhs.uk
Heart of Yorkshire Martin Sutcliffe Martin.Sutcliffe@hee.nhs.uk
Heart of Yorkshire Annette Kemshell  
Heart of Yorkshire Abdul Mustafa Abdul.Mustafa@hee.nhs.uk
Heart of Yorkshire Laura Holland Laura.Holland@hee.nhs.uk
Heart of Yorkshire Gavin Williams gavin.williams@hee.nhs.uk
Heart of Yorkshire Nicola Williams Nicola.Williams@hee.nhs.uk
Leeds Simon Boyle Simon.Boyle@hee.nhs.uk
Leeds Simon Hall Simon.Hall@hee.nhs.uk
Leeds Natalie Hodgson Natalie.Hodgson@hee.nhs.uk
Leeds Jonathan Smith  
Leeds Simon O'Hara Simon.Ohara@hee.nhs.uk
Leeds Joanne Vila joanna.vila@hee.nhs.uk
Leeds Angela Farrell Angela.Farrell@hee.nhs.uk
Pennine Arif Kazi Arif.Kazi@hee.nhs.uk
Pennine Matt Smith matt.smith@hee.nhs.uk
Pennine Kate Simpson Kate.Simpson@hee.nhs.uk
Pennine Bryony Waller Bryony.Waller@hee.nhs.uk
Pennine Ajay Sharma Ajay.Sharma@hee.nhs.uk
Pennine Sabah Asfand-e-yar Sabah.asfand-e-yar@hee.nhs.uk
Pennine Nadeem Akhtar Nadeem.Akhtar@hee.nhs.uk