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Induction and Refresher

Re-launched Induction and Refresher programme A revised and fully funded national I&R (Induction and Refresher) Scheme was launched on 25 March 2015 as part of the Building the workforce 10 point plan for general practice. The national scheme is coordinated by HEE (Health Education England) and has been developed in partnership with NHS England, the General Practitioners Committee (GPC) of the BMA and the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP). The following summary has been written by the BMA and is taken from their website The new national scheme: • Now has central funding allowing candidates to receive a bursary. • Has one point of access, which will speed up the process for applicants. • Has clear pathways for all candidates. • Has one central location of information regarding the scheme, with key stakeholders sign posting queries to the website. • Provides a quick route back to a career recognising existing skill-sets. • Offers returning practitioners a chance to make a real difference to the local population.

About the Programme
  1. The national programme aims to safely and quickly introduce experienced GPs into the workforce and will standardise the pre-existing schemes in England.
  2. It is designed specifically to enable qualified doctors with GMC registration and who hold a recognised specialism in general practice to begin or return to practice as GPs. Scheme placements will ease GPs back into the role, enabling them to build up their confidence and knowledge in a safe environment.
  3. Under the scheme, participants will be given a supervised placement of a maximum of six months full time (or equivalent) in general practice. Placements are tailored to the needs of doctors to ensure they have the confidence and knowledge to leverage the broad GP skillset.
  4. Anyone who wishes to practice as a GP in England and who has not practised as such for 24 months or more will need to contact the GP National Recruitment Office (NRO) in the first instance to register their interest in practising.
  5. The NRO will then direct the practitioner to the appropriate process for their needs. This could either be direct entry to NHS England’s National Performers List or progression onto the I&R scheme.
  6. NHS England ROs will take the final decision to support any application to enter/return to practice, or to refer for assessment and possible refreshment via a Local Education and Training Board (LETB).
  7. Interviews and career reviews will occur prior to any GP returning from overseas. Candidates will have started the process of GMC and National Performers List application and will have already taken any necessary assessments successfully.
  8. A nationally agreed model training agreement will be used by LETBs for all scheme entrants.
  9. Successful candidates onto the scheme will receive funding support, which includes a monthly bursary and reimbursement (for four successful attempt) for the learning needs assessment(s).
  10. The scheme will support training practices through offering supervision fees for educational supervisors to enable practitioners to return to practice.
The Application Process

Full details are available at GP National Recruitment Office (NRO)

Key Contacts

Yorkshire & the Humber School Leads: 

Dr Pavan Tandon (